E41 Podcasting and Living in Vietnam with Podcast Manager and Host Dana Drahos

Dana Drahos is all about pushing her boundaries and putting herself in new and uncomfortable situations in order to grow. That’s how she ended up leaving her small New Jersey farm town to go live in Vietnam, and that’s how she dove headfirst into becoming a podcast manager, without really knowing what she was doing […]

E40 Staying Optimistic and Adapting in Tough Times: Erin Interviews CJ

“There’s one thing that I believe majorly separates us from animals, and that’s, we can build things that last beyond when we die… …and my goal is to help as many people build something that they’re happy they’ve built, and makes an impact.” Tough times don’t last, tough people do. And we must be optimistic and […]

E38 You Don’t Have to Turn Your Passion into a Full Time Job with Nikki Zahka

Nikki Zahka has always been shy, introverted, and used to hate her body. Now, she’s excelling at (and loving) her corporate sales job AND helping so many people transform their lives through her passion of fitness and wellness coaching. This episode is perfect for the person who feels like they’re too shy to put themselves […]

E35 The Power of Yes with Scott Simmons and Savannah Peters

“There were officers a couple feet away from us and this woman next to me is sobbing her eyes out and I'm like…Savannah, I love you too but just keep it cool 'cause I don't wanna get arrested right now.” -Scott If you would have asked Scott and Savannah years ago if they think they'd […]