Maddie Miles

“I choose every single day to get up and fuel myself, and to inspire other people to love themselves and take control of their own health.” -Maddie Miles

After years of struggling with her health while battling an eating disorder, Maddie Miles finally had an awakening one day after a series of tough events that led her to start taking her health into her own hands. Now, she is on the journey to help others like you do the same by learning how to hack their hormones and use integrative medicine to thrive. 

In this episode, we chat about her journey through battling her eating disorder, living in Spain, what caused a shift in her view on health, and how she is using it to help others today. 

Key Topics

  • How Maddie got into food photography and brand collaborations 
  • What called her to move to Austin, Texas
  • How family struggles affected her growing up and led to a battle with an eating disorder
  • Her move to Spain and the struggle she faced there
  • How she overcame her eating disorder
  • Maddie’s experience with the healthcare system and why it lead her to functional and integrative medicine 
  • The process of growing her brand on Instagram 
  • The harmful effects of birth control and why Maddie is against it 

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