What is the best way to start? Just do it.


What is one freeing thought process that can help so many of us? Learning to realize there is no right path! Often times it is much better to JUST DO than it is to stop ourselves with “what if” scenarios. Analyzing, strategizing, and planning have been driving factors guiding me, but what I have achieved has always started with the simple decision to JUST DO the things that interested me.

The key is to recognize your internal strengths and weaknesses. Typically we are strong at the things we love because we consistently do them. This will give you an advantage over others who might be weak in these areas. We are all strong at something!

A lot of people get tripped up because they focus too much energy on their weaknesses. This brings down their moral, and they are left feeling unsure, uneasy, and too worrisome to actually START DOING. Remember, YOU CAN HIRE PEOPLE FOR WHAT YOU ARE NOT GOOD AT! Stop wasting time and start executing on the things that you love to do!

What did this thought process look like for me?

I wanted to be a collegiate athlete because I loved being active and I was good at it. So I started. I had no clue where it would lead me. Yet, this experience has helped me so many times throughout my life.

I wanted to get an Engineering degree because I loved solving problems. I just started. While I did not always enjoy the process, I knew getting the degree would open opportunities that I loved.

The Major Key: Know yourself.

I was never the most skilled athlete, but I knew I could be one of the fittest, one of the smartest, and one of the hardest workers on the team. That is what I doubled down and focused on rather than trying to keep up with my teammates who were much more technically skilled than me. I took this mentality to the classroom as well. I knew I was never going to be the most intelligent engineer. There were engineers as passionate about their craft as I was about sports. I knew this alone would make me mediocre at best. However, instead of getting down on myself, I created my own system where I would double down on the classes I loved to get straight A’s…meanwhile the classes I disliked I would get C’s and D’s. This helped me keep my spirit and energy high because I rarely felt defeated. The classes I did “poorly” in I already knew I was not going to do that well in them because I spent so little time in class or doing work for them.

(Funny side story to this. My junior year I had an interview for an internship and the interviewer asked me why my transcript had so much variation. Basically half was all A’s and the other half was C’s. I told him it was because of sports and transferring schools, but the reality was I refused to do homework and spend time in classes I did not find interesting or useful to me. Rather, I spent all my energy on the things that I loved and what I thought was important to my future.)

Find Your WHY

My rationale behind all of this is the fact that you can literally DIE at any moment. So do the things you love (sports for me), or do the things that you might not necessarily love now (was engineering for me) but will lead you to doing the things you love in the future. The things I learned in school are invaluable to me today as an entrepreneur. Most of the time we have to do what is hard in the moment to reap the rewards further on down the line.

These two scenarios made it so much easier for me when I started thinking “I want to be my own boss.” I no longer thought about “what ifs” and JUST STARTING DOING. You can do the same for anything!

So how can you start?

EVALUATE AND ANALYZE EVERYTHING. Every minute you are spending throughout your days needs to be evaluated. Only you can decide whether you are wasting time or not because YOU are in control of what your goals, dreams, and visions of happiness look like.  No one can tell you what the right path for you is, but it is important you decide WHY you are making certain decisions and align them with what your goals/dreams are.

To THRIVE this week, I ask you to evaluate your own process and make your own decisions about where to spend your time. If you are finding you are not passionate about your job, not surrounding yourself with the right people, or even just unsure of where to spend your time, there are people like myself who would love to help you find some clarity.

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