Building your personal brand: THE WHY

Why building your personal brand is one of the most important things you could possibly do right now.

With all the hype around social media there are a lot of different opinions that float around about it. The engineer in me is always skeptical of things and I like to think logically about technologies and everything else in life. Social media is/was no different. So let me inform you on some things from my experiences on the journey of building a brand.

Social media without a doubt has improved my life for the better. I have met amazing people, enjoyed once in a lifetime experiences, and I am currently working on building brands I am passionate about that with hard work will one day make a major impact on our world…and social media helped tremendously with this! The beauty is, I am one of millions it has helped. You could be next. Continue reading to find the WHY, the HOW, and the WHAT to starting your own journey.

Let’s start with a fact.

Instagram was launched at the end of 2010. This means that the graduating college class of 2018, which are now in the workforce, have had Instagram through the entirety of their high school and college years. Why does this matter? Well these kids…now adults…are now considered young professionals and are earning their own disposable income. Where are they making their buying decisions? INSTAGRAM!!!

Whether your business or personal brand deals with the fashion industry, restaurant industry, music industry, sports, the list goes on and on…consumers check the BRAND FIRST before they buy. Now, if you have the option for them to buy directly from your page, DAMN do you have a leg up on the competition.

This is not the main reason I think you should start though. It is just something I analyzed within the market and think it will have a major impact over the next decade.

Here’s my true WHY…

  1. Resumes will become obsolete…why would I read your resume when I can see what you do, why you do what you do, and who you are associating yourself with.  Resumes are q breeding ground for false claims. Now that I have the opportunity to see exactly what you are doing why would I rely on a sheet of paper to make a hiring decision? I will not hire people who do not have some sort of personal brand, and I know a lot of my friends who are building amazing companies believe the same thing.
  2. It gives you the direct capability to connect with people who are #winning in the industry’s that you love and follow. While I love to read books, watch videos, and take courses online, these are tedious. The absolute quickest way to learn is to speak/meet with someone who has already accomplished what you are trying to do. Social media gives you this ability!!! Even if you have to pay their consultation fee, 9/10 times it is well worth that cost for the knowledge and information you gained.
  3. It helps progress your writing, your reading, your creativity, and your public speaking ability…all of which are extremely important skills to maintain, both in the corporate atmosphere, and any entrepreneurial endeavors you may have.

Now let’s get to the HOW

  1. Sign up for IG, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. and start watching how others are operating. Take notes, write down what you like and what you do not like. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!
  2. Now that you have not overthought the process, STARTED DOING, and created your accounts, it is time to think about your WHY. WHY do you want to build this social presence. If your mission is to connect to people, grow a brand for a business, or just to take unique pictures and tell a story…you will want to interact differently with the platform depending on this WHY. This mission will determine how you want to message, post, and engage with the different communities out there. If you do not know this mission yet, that’s okay too! Just get STARTED and it will come as you continue to navigate these new waters. If you want some exact tips on how to communicate depending on your mission, please reach out to me personally, I’d love to help you THRIVE in this area.
  3. Spend time researching different tools to help you create content more efficiently. You want to be spending time doing the things you love, not cutting, cropping, and filtering it all for hours on end. Some of the ones I use most are Snapseed, Media Monster, Slow fast, and CutStory.

Let’s finish with the WHAT

  1. “What should I post,” is probably the most asked question for everyone. Once again, I will say go back to you WHY. Once you have your WHY figured out, spend some time gathering research on others who have similar missions. What are they doing to #win? Reach out to them! Then add your own flavor to the content you create! No one can be YOU better than YOU.
  2. DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT! Don’t do things just to post them, do things because you enjoy doing them…then just capture the cool experiences you are having! With IG becoming saturated with sponsored ads and giveaways I am big on trying to spur a movement to bring back the old IG. The one where people lived in the moment and posted the random shit that they loved…not what they think others will love/like/comment on. Help me do this! 🙂
  3. Engage with others and collaborate on projects that are interesting to you. I mean it is called SOCIAL media for a reason. Start getting social! Then offer to help for FREE!!! The goal is to learn new things, meet new people, and create new experiences that are more valuable than money. If you go into it with this mindset though, I guarantee that you will eventually get paid, and earn free products/services; thus, living a life doing the things you love, with the people you love most.

Now these are just a few of my thoughts on the matter. I have a lot more to discuss and would love to share with those who are interested. Connect with me and let’s chat how to take your personal brand/business to the next level! If you are already there I’d still love to connect and maybe even get your feedback on what I could do better. #strivetogetherthrivetogether

To THRIVE this week, think about what your personal brand means to you and how you can improve it. None of us are perfect and there is always room for improvement!

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