By 30 I want to…

By 20 I want to…
By 25 I want to…
By 30 I want to…

By 65 I want to…
By 70 I want to…
By 75 I want to…

How about TODAY I WILL.

Something re-posted on my memories a few weeks ago. It was a picture of a newspaper clipping that I was interviewed in during college. They asked me a bunch of random ass questions and for the most part none of them caught my attention…except one.

It asked me where do you see yourself in 10 years. Immediately I was intrigued because hmm somehow today is about 10 years from that point. What did I say? What did I think back then? What did I want back then?

>>>then my jaw dropped<<<

It went something like this:

“I want to be an engineering manager at a local firm, potentially coaching soccer, and hopefully traveling to Europe and other countries.”

Now granted, I was 18 and I had no clue what I wanted out of life. . . I am 28 now and maybe know 1 percent more of what I want out of life. That is not the problem here. The problem is that we should never FEEL as if we should have to have a clue EXACTLY what we want out of life. We should be dreaming. We should be doing. We should be focused on more of what makes us happy.

We should be answering the question where do you WANT to be in 10 years with, IDFK! And not knowing is an amazing feeling!


You should be letting your mind wander beyond the constructs of what our society will try and trap you in.

Why didn’t I say I wanted to live in Hawaii and grow my own garden?

Why didn’t I say I wanted to snowboard on the world’s largest mountains?

Why didn’t I say I wanted to jump out of planes on every continent of the world?

Why did I suppress those thoughts to try and fit the mold of what people typically answered? I did what most of us do, we hide from our own damn selves. We do not tell others what we truly want out of life and it is a shame.


My mission is to inspire others to take action and THRIVE on the time they do have on this earth. So if you have ever voiced “by “XYX” age I want to,” this is directed right at you…don’t fucking wait. Why can’t you do it now? While you still have the time/energy/life to do it.

I never imagined life would be what it is at this point. And I am beyond happy that it did not turn out like I thought back then. It took MASSIVE action to write my own script though. There is nothing keeping you from doing the same thing.

To THRIVE this week, I want you to list out one thing that you have said you “wanted” to do by some point. Mark it down, put a specific date to it, ACT. The world needs more people doing what they love, not more people saying “I’d love to do…”


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