E32 Multi-passionate Entrepreneurs Series with Daniel and Lindsey Crouch of SuperSeed Life

“When I laid eyes upon her, I immediately knew that my life had changed forever. Period. Like that’s the most tangible feeling, sensation that I’ve ever had in my life…I looked at her and I was like, there you are.” -Daniel Crouch

It's only appropriate that for the Valentine's Day episode of the Multi-passionate Entrepreneurs Series I'm joined by one of the most inspiring, hard-working and loving couples I know, Daniel and Lindsey Crouch, Founders of SuperSeed Life, the very first seed-based baked goods company that only uses great-for-you ingredients.

I'm especially excited to share this conversation because as someone who has battled with gut health issues all my life, their plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free and zero preservatives foods have truly transformed my life as well as countless more lives. Anyone who listens will benefit from knowing their love and business story.

A few highlights:
-How Daniel knew from the moment he saw Lindsey that she was the woman for him, and why things didn't work out right away
-How Daniel spent FOUR YEARS striving to improve himself and win Lindsey back
-Lindsey shares how her mom passed away from Ovarian Cancer when Lindsey was just 3 years old, and how this has fueled Lindsey's life purpose and the brand's overall mission to provide uniquely healthy foods that improve the quality of peoples' lives
-The humble beginnings of SuperSeed life (originally called Guiltless Pizza Company) that many joked much resembled a drug dealer set up
-How they grew the company over the past 7 years (with three young sons, by the way!) through taking small steps and praying
-How now they are expanding their business to not just a food company but a lifestyle brand, helping others to nourish the mind, body, and spirit as a whole for complete health and wellness

“We've been so thankful to have a product that we've been able to reach people through…but now we also want to work with the heart, and the lifestyle, and the daily routines. Because people can eat our food and be healthier, but if it's not a lifestyle, then it may just be a day that you receive enough nutrition. So we want to work on every day and on planting seeds in your life that are going to make you bloom” -Lindsey Crouch

SuperSeed Life has launched its lifestyle, nutrition and weight loss course, run by Daniel, which takes all the lessons they've learned and gives you 7 steps to live and eat in a way that allows you to have everything you want in your heart.

Lindsey is also starting a group coaching program called SuperSeed Your Soul, for women who know they were created for more, but feel a bit stuck, and know they're not fully bloomed and living the life they were created to live.

Resource Links:
Join the SuperSeed Lifestyle + Weightloss Program: https://superseedlife.com/products/superseed-weight-loss-box
Find out more about Lindsey's SuperSeed Your Soul group coaching: [email protected]
Try their amazing and healthy food products: https://superseedlife.com/

Connect with Daniel, Lindsey, and SuperSeed Life:
Instagram: @lindsey_crouch, @thedanielcrouch, @superseed_life

Connect with CJ Finley and Thrive On Life:
IG: @thriveonlife, @thriveonfit, @thrivepreneur, @cj.finley
Website: https://thriveonlife.com

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