Entrepreneurship lies to us

Do this right now

  1. Open Instagram
  2. Go to the search by tags filter
  3. Type in entrepreneur
  4. Scroll for a bit

What do you see?


  This is what our world these days “thinks” entrepreneurship is. Money, hustle harder than the rest, show off, create memes, pay videographers / photographers for pro content with no context, make your own quotes… ultimately show a life that really is not true or real to 99 percent of everyone else out there. I find it hysterical that when I typed in #entrepreneur to find the picture for this, the first video as you can see is someone counting stacks of money. So we live in a world now that if I go to the bank and take out stacks of 1's, pretend they are 100's, and post a video about my “success,” people will follow me and view me as a leader? It is frightening. If you relied on Instagram you would believe that 99 percent of the population could not be entrepreneurs and that it is only suitable for the 1 percenters. This deeply saddens me because it is so far from the truth and I want to educate and inspire others to take on their own entrepreneurial endeavors. YOU CAN DO IT! ANYONE CAN DO IT! The reality of entrepreneurship is not shown often. But it is out there. Behind the scenes there are people solving problems, building communities, and using their wealth (of knowledge and connections) to actually make a positive impact on the places and people around them.  


Here is an example… a grainy picture captured on a phone, on a Friday night, using med balls and other objects to sit on. It is not pretty. However, it is enlightening, fun, and inspiring for the mind and soul. You should try it some time!   ***Shoutout to Sumair and Tess from @trainlifefit for hosting a small, Friday night mastermind about building solutions for health and wellness business owners.***   People coming together to share thoughts, open up about fears and struggles, and analyze ways that we could spearhead initiatives to provide valuable solutions to other people…that is all it takes to start on YOUR entrepreneurial path.   To THRIVE this week ask yourself what ideas, fears, problems you endure yourself…that if solved, could help others around you. Then bring those thoughts out into the world in some form. Your friends, your family, your coworkers, whoever, JUST DO IT. And if you’d like to start dabbling in the real world of entrepreneurship, feel free to reach out to me. I would love to connect you with some amazing communities that would love to help you on your journey.

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