Episode 31: Multi-passionate Entrepreneurs Series with Ian Grossman: Realtor, Non-Profit Leader, Podcaster

“I went from teaching 10 year olds to dealing with adults, not knowing anything about finances or about real estate. You can either continue not knowing, or you can just ask someone. Sit down with people who are good at what you're not good at. A lot of people don't want to do that. Don't have shame in not knowing the answer.” – Ian Grossman

Ian Grossman was loving the impact he was able to have while working as a 4th grade teacher in an underprivileged school. However, he wasn't loving the paycheck, the lack of growth opportunity, and how it was taking over his life. When he heard about getting into real estate as a way to make some extra side money during the summer, he went all in, and now it is his main source of income. Being able to be his own boss and manage his own time has actually allowed him to make way more of an impact in his community than he ever could have as a full time teacher. The Ian Grossman of today is a realtor at Keller Williams, ATX leader of the non-profit Community Bucket, father, friend, and fellow podcast host of “What’s Brewing ATX.”


This month on the Thrive On Life Podcast, we're spotlighting ATX men and women who are work on/in multiple jobs/orgs/projects to help the community. They do not allow their “title” to define what they can or cannot do and they keep challenging themselves to learn new things, and help others do the same. Some points discussed in this episode:

  • What inspired Ian to become a teacher
  • How he then realized teaching wasn't it for him
  • What to do when you're stuck debating whether you should do “THE THING” or not
  • How Ian went from knowing nothing about real estate to making it his own and having fun with it
  • How a background in teaching helped his real estate career
  • How the education system is failing today and the alternate path you can take
  • Ian's advice for someone wanting to start a side hustle

“A lot of people get trapped into thinking, you’re a teacher forever. 5 years turns into 25 very quickly. Rather than realizing you can go on this other private path, making your own money, and actually make more of an impact on the education system than you ever could as a teacher. And you can always go back.” -CJ Finley

Community Bucket is a non-profit organization that brings together like minded young professionals, moving to new cities, who want to meet new people and give back to the community. The organization pairs a volunteer event with a social event immediately following at a brewery or restaurant. The next event is the Love Your City event, on Saturday, February 15th at Colony Park. Head here for details: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/atx-love-your-city-tickets-89293331759

Connect with Ian Grossman:
IG: @realestate_atx, @communitybucket_atx, @whatsbrewingatx
Youtube Channel | Community Bucket | What's Brewing ATX

Connect with CJ Finley and Thrive On Life:
IG: @thriveonlife, @thriveonfit, @thrivepreneur, @cj.finley
Website: https://thriveonlife.com

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