Some days I want to escape my body, escape my brain, and escape the world. Frustration is a hell of a beast. I know I am not alone.

Life is a weird thing for me sometimes.

People never like to talk about death, even though talking about it helps us feel the most alive. Small business owners do not like to talk about money, yet money is their lifeblood for whether or not they are going to make payroll. Everyone is skeptical of the guy or girl who lives through empathy, understanding, and happiness…they are just a quack anyway, right? Wrong.

For many, living a miserable life is their “only” choice. With high debt, boring jobs, and utter monotony…no wonder they are miserable. That is not “living!” When I ask if they were going to die this year would they be doing things the same way, they all seem appalled by the question, but still they answer no they would live differently. This baffles me. You could die tomorrow, or today for that matter…get the hell over it and actual LIVE. For most, they would rather sit in a circle and complain about things than actually put an effort into changing them. Hell would freeze over if they had to take time out of their day to help someone else out for FREE since they are so “busy.” They never choose to stick their neck out. They stay in their lane to reduce the odds of being noticed. Yet, they then question everything around them and why things are the way they are. I do not get it.

Business owners typically become business owners because they want to earn the right for financial freedom one day. However, upon day one many forget what their mission is…FREEDOM. The only way to get that freedom is to build something profitable (valuable to this world) that operates efficiently. Yet, so many out there are operating with no processes, no strategy, no rhyme or reason for why they do or do not do things. Now they are broke and trapped, not free. I do not get it.

Are there genuinely good human beings? Yes. I wholeheartedly believe so. Why is it so hard for so many others to get along then? Why does John/Jane Doe care so much about what other people are doing with their lives? Why is every little bit criticized? Why do people spend their time on earth thinking about what other people are doing, rather than finding ways to look in the mirror and improve solely upon themselves. Meanwhile, appreciating the awesome things they witness other people achieve. I do not get it.


My lack of writing on here has been due to a growing amount of frustration I am having. I have put more energy out into the world in the past couple months than in the majority of my life combined. And without a doubt it has been the best year of my life up to this point. However, with great things there are always crossroads. Something I am enduring now. With only 2 ways to go on the road the choice is easy. When there are numerous paths…its gets a bit tougher to decide. This is me getting back on the horse and deciding at least one path I want to go. I want to write. For Forbes, for Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, all of them. Also, I want to write content for the biggest health and wellness brands in the game, while I am on the road to building my own. The only way to get there?! … Just keep writing.

To THRIVE this week, I ask you to sit back and think about what is frustrating you. Feel free to reach out to me as I’d love to connect and help where I can. If not that’s okay too, but be sure to use that frustration as positive energy to “just keep ….” doing whatever it is that makes your heart happy.

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