Fear. It is something we all feel. Some of us move past it, others are crippled by it. It is something I have been asked about numerous times recently. Others having fears or doubts about where they are going in life, why they are going there, and who they should be going with.   To put things in perspective for all those who have fears…you know this blog? The one you are reading this very moment? It used to be hidden. Only to be read by one other set of eyes. It used to be contained, controlled, and confined to the safe space it was granted.   Out of the fear of judgement, hours of creativity, thoughts, efforts…they were left to just waste away.   That is what fear does though. It creates wastes. Waste of time debating and worrying. Waste of LIFE struggling when we could be THRIVING.   Long story short, I took fear's punch and instead of retaliating, I took the hit. Brushed off my shoulders. Raised my chin. Smiled. And moved the fuck on-wards and up-words.


The what

What happened next? I’ve connected on a deeper level with people. I found a new creative outlet that I was proud to build. I met my mentor and friend, learned new technologies, and I made a bit of money along the way to allow me to keep doing what I love most. Sharpening myself so I can be of VALUE and SERVICE to help others chase their own dreams!

The how

How did I do it? I reframed my mindset around what I was trying to achieve. I used to think of writing a blog because everyone else was doing it. People made money off them. Just another thing to draw attention to myself, because attention is what life is about right?

The why

I love to read. I love to write. So it only makes sense to say I’d love to write a book someday. I will write a book someday. The last two sentences are similar. The second is one simple way to show what I meant by my mindset shifted. Instead of writing that I would love to write some day in a “hidden” blog. I took the punch of the fear of others criticism, and instead of punching back, I silently put into my head that I WILL write on a blog because it is practice for the future book that I WILL write. I WILL choose not to feed into to others’ insecurities and give them my time or energy. Instead I WILL pursue what I love, simply for the love it. Now we are here. And I WILL continue to take fears punches. Only growing stronger and wiser doing so.   To THRIVE this week, ask yourself what your FEARS are? Are they consuming and restricting you? Or are they fueling your fire to continue moving forward? For anyone that has a fear of something, and may feel super stuck like I did, send them my way. I’d love to connect and help them get unstuck.

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