Dreamers who want to help others THRIVE. My name is CJ Finley and her name is Erin Kinnevy. That’s us in 6th grade. We’ve come a long way since then in all aspects of life. We were both raised in a small town outside of Philadelphia…Burlington, New Jersey to be exact. Most of my childhood consisted of driving all over the northeast for every type of sport, while Erin’s consisted of dance recitals and putting up with being my partner for class projects.

Grade School

With the free time we did have, I would skateboard (yes, at the time I was a sk8er boi, thanks Avril Lavigne) with my buddies over to her house, spend hours on her trampoline, and often times raid her pantry…damn did she always have the best cookies. You could say I had a crush on her.

High School

Fast forward to High School. While we both continued to get busier and busier, we still always remained close friends. We each entered new relationships, visited new places, and were accepted into different schools. Everything seemed extremely positive for the both of us, but little did we know we both were dealing with internal struggles that no one else seemed to understand. We’ll save those for another time though.


Fast forward again, this time to college. Erin received her Bachelors of Science from UPENN in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, while I took the easier route (as she would say :p) and did Industrial Engineering at Rutgers. During college, she continued to dance and started running, which soon became an instant passion for her. Meanwhile, I was playing collegiate soccer, joined a fraternity, and starting following my own passion for fitness and nutrition. During this time, we didn’t speak much to each other, and without either of us knowing, we both began our journey to improve ourselves not just physically, but mentally as well. Little did we know our paths were bound to collide.

Entering the Workforce

Upon graduation, Erin uprooted to Houston, Texas to start her job as an engineer, while I moved 10 exits north up the turnpike to Hoboken, where I would start my career in the IT field. To many, both of us were on great paths, living in great cities, with a bright career ahead. Something was missing for both of us, though.

Now to save the sappy stuff for another post, I will just say the short version. Boy missed girl, boy flew to girl, boy impressed girl (somehow, someway), boy realized he could not live without girl, boy promised himself he would do whatever it takes to see the girl every day, for the rest of his life.


Photo by: Jay Cassario

Today we live in beautiful Austin, Texas. While Erin is currently a full-time MBA student at UT Austin, I am  working to help expand the soccer fitness brand SPHERE, providing health and nutrition consulting to those in need, and volunteering my spare time to other people and businesses that are trying to THRIVE.


We believe that nobody should be held back from pursuing their passions and goals in life. With our world so focused on “work,” it seems many of us hide our true selves during our day-to-day life. We want to change this. We want everyone to THRIVE.

For us, the transition occurred during times of despair. Erin and I have both dealt with debilitating health issues and other life experiences that took a toll on us both physically and mentally. Yet as they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. While we knew what was happening in our own lives, we have always been conscious of the world around us. There are so many people that have a story to tell.

Truth be told, it started as a fitness Instagram to connect with others who inspire through positive motivation. While many used looks and aesthetic goals as motivation, we wanted to show how living a healthy life was more than just sweat and weights. All aspects, mental, spiritual, and physical add up to a healthy and positive lifestyle. As the ability to THRIVE continues to grow into something more meaningful to us, we want to help make it more meaningful to others as well.


We hope that one day we will be fortunate enough to run or be a large part of a Non-profit. The belief is that if we all lend a hand to others in need, many more people will be able to THRIVE. We love others who embody this same belief and actually walk the walk to make life better for others around them.

Our immediate goal is to connect with people, brands, and companies that have an inspiring mission behind them. We believe that if we can shine a light on those who are already burning bright, more people will be inspired to light their own flame, give back, and help others #thriveonlife.