Good business starts with relationships.

Want a fast track tip to being good at business…be a good human being and put PEOPLE before profit.

How to be a good human being?

  1. Take complete ownership over your own life. The good, the bad, the in between…is all on YOU.
  2. Be kind in all scenarios, even when others are not kind to you.
  3. Have an attitude of gratitude. We are lucky if we have food, shelter, and the capability to improve our own lives.

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

The picture above represents the description and tips directly above it.

It depicts the very moment I am in right now. As I type this, the talented people in front of me are working together on building an online educational course that will help older generations understand digital technology, and implement it into their daily lives.

How did we all get here though? Not as simply as one would presume.

Long story short…

A few months ago I was speaking on a panel where I met the guy in front of the camera, Allan. He too was on the panel, literally sitting right next to me.

It just so happens the guy behind the camera, my good friend Scott, was filming me and the rest of the panelists that night as well.

After the event, I was fortunate to have a brief opportunity to talk to Allan and understand more about what he was doing off the stage. As soon as he mentioned the educational space, (an industry I am extremely passionate about) I knew I had to offer to buy him coffee and understand more about what his long term mission entailed.

One coffee chat, two meetings, and a couple proposals and phone calls later…Scott and his business partner Alex, Allan and his business partner Yuan, and myself, find ourselves in a room building the initial launch campaign for his courses. Beyond this, we have built a strategy to test, iterate, and provide long-term value to the online educational space that Allan is entering.

The Learning Lesson

All of this happened because BUSINESS STARTS WITH RELATIONSHIPS. When you are obsessed with problem solving, and passionate about the long term process like I am, it becomes extremely easy to put PEOPLE above profit $$$.

What you will find is that your life will become more profitable in ways you cannot even imagine in this moment. This picture, and my life in general, is living proof of it.

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