Stop being lazy/scared and just do it: How to cheaply start a podcast.

I started a podcast. I will continue to podcast. And therefore, I will get better at it. I am not focused on anything else but the progress I make each time. YOU CAN DO THE SAME WITH ANYTHING IN LIFE!

Each strikeout you are closer to a home-run!

What is the key to hitting home runs? Facing the fear of 100mph fastballs flying at you and actually stepping up to bat. What is the key to throwing a touchdown pass? Facing the fear of getting hit by a 300lb+ lineman and calling hike. What is the key to anything in life? Facing the fear of failure, pain, criticism and JUST STARTING. Walking out to the field, stepping up to the plate, and being willing to strike out in front of others.

New age, new wave, start riding it.

It is 2019, we have all watched videos on YouTube, scrolled through social media feeds, and listened to some form of podcast or audiobook. Then there is a percentage of us that think to ourselves “dang I wish I could do what this/that person is doing…” But then there is a very slim percentage of those that actually GO FOR IT. We need more of those people.   My mission is to build a platform that inspires, motivates, and gives practical steps to help others to step out of their comfort zones and #thriveonlife.   To do this, I think our society needs a mindset shift that I hope to spur. And I think it comes with being more SELFISH. That’s right I said be more SELFISH. What do I mean by this? Well how many of you have had a friend/family member that stated they wanted to try something but they couldn’t because of “XYZ” reason? THEY ARE WASTING THEIR TIME ON THIS EARTH. They need to be more selfish with their time. WE ALL DO. You only have one chance at this!

The TRUTH to it all.

The reality is, you are a blip on the radar. You are an ant in this universe. You are one of over 7 billion people on this planet. And you can be wiped off the face of this earth at any moment. It is time you start realizing that and being selfish with every minute, hour, day you are lucky enough to enjoy. If you are BROKE, NEGATIVE, LOST…it is your fault, no one else’s. Of course there are uncontrollable circumstances that may have happened in your life to give you the short end of the stick. However, that is the past. It cannot be changed as much as you want to focus and complain about it. It is a fact that we cannot change time. So I ask you, take ownership, be SELFISH, and face your fears of judgement and start building a life that YOU LOVE, not one that molds to what others say.

How to start your podcast

Oh and here’s how to quickly and cheaply start a podcast…

  1. Buy <$30 dual lav mic from amazon that you can plug into your phone

       2. Download the Anchor app        3. Create a title, description and cover art.        4. Grab a friend, start talking, and press post. Before you know it, a few days later anchor will get your podcast posted in places like Spotify for you. This blog was strictly to inspire you to get off your ASS and stop making excuses to try something new. It is never as hard as your brain will convince you to believe. To THRIVE this week get out of your comfort zone and start that new business, new project, new IG account…whatever it may be, JUST START IT. Then connect with myself and others in the world who are willing to help you progress. It really is that simple. ps: One episode in, and I have already pivoted my idea. I started The Honest Convo to have honest conversations with others…I viewed it as practice to eventually create my THRIVE podcast. Thankfully my wife Erin made me realize that is a waste of my time to focus on anything but MY MAIN THING…THRIVING. So here we are now. I created the THRIVE podcast. Not sure what is to come, but I will promise you I will give it my all. Practice makes progress. Kick some ass this week fam!

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