How to determine where to spend your time?

With all the noise in today’s world, it can be difficult to decide HOW to determine where to spend our time. Work, family, friends– all deserve some of our time…but how much? The answer to this question will obviously be different for everyone. However, I believe it is something that almost every person has struggled with at some point, and I believe this struggle can be solved…

One Cause of the Struggle

Being raised in a systematic culture has us following orders from the moment we step foot in a school. From an early age, we are told where to learn, what to learn, what time of day to learn, how long to learn, rather than being taught WHY we should be learning in the first place. Because of this culture, it should surprise no one that when people get to college, the workforce, and everything after, we have no clue where we should truly be spending our time. But is it our fault? We have never had to decide before.

We pick a “safe” degree or go to a certain college to make someone else happy. Pick a job based on convenience/status/money. Marry someone and buy a house/car/pets/material items to please our “neighbors” (in today’s world it is even worse because we compete online, not just with our neighbor). It is not a surprise though. We are not taught to decide WHY we should do any of this. Everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn’t we? That’s how we are taught to think.

The Principle Solution

What is the solution to this?

DECIDE what principle you want to live by. This principle will serve as your WHY and help guide you throughout every new decision you make.

My principle revolves around my passion for helping others THRIVE. And even more so, I want to directly help other people who have built their own lives around serving others. So if someone or something has asked to take my time, I ask myself, will this time be spent helping someone/something do positive things for the people and our world? This makes it a very cut and dry scenario of whether or not I will agree to proceed.

So to THRIVE this week, find your principle, and say YES to what agrees and NO to what doesn’t.

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