How to stop watching and start producing

In a world so focused on getting our attention, it can be difficult to stop watching all the flashy things presented to us. How many of you have found yourself “just checking” Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter…and seconds turn into minutes, minutes into hours, and before you know it, you don’t even know where the time went? We get caught up in ads, watching pointless videos, or reading about what fad is currently in existence.

I’ve never been one to watch TV, play video games, or do anything that had to do with sitting still.  As a social butterfly with a passion for new experiences, the ability to not only learn on platforms, but also to connect to people made it just the right mixture to get my attention.   Now I don’t want to write much about how it’s kept my attention (sometimes too long) because I’d rather focus on providing value to you with a couple tips towards a solution. Long story short, a switch flipped in me and instead of consuming everything around me, I began to focus more on producing. Not just on social media/the internet… but in life in general. I’d love to share a few tips that helped me and may be able to help some others.


  1. Asking myself — what do I want the picture of my life to look like? If I am fortunate enough to live for decades to come, what skills do I want to learn for ME, not for my resume or for other people?
  2. Thinking about the hardest challenges I have already overcome. Most people don’t think about what they have achieved. Instead, they constantly look for ways to self-sabotage and think about what they have NOT achieved YET. Use your past as fuel to go after and produce that video, that podcast, that “big” project, that cold call/email/intro. In the grand scheme of things ,while you may have a fear of starting these new things you have definitely overcome way scarier situations.     
  3. Be a kid. Find ways to awaken the creativity you had in your youth before fear of the judgment from others was taught to us. Whether that is going to the park, go cart racing, dancing, etc., remember some of the things you did in your youth and go act on them. It will help you start being the creator you once were. 

(Follow the links if you care to hear a more in depth version of the tips)

Video Tip 1

Video Tip 2

Video Tip 3


To THRIVE this week, I ask you to question the amount of “watching” you are doing in your life. Do not let this precious time slip out of your fingers. You never know what the future holds, but you can certainly change the attitude you have towards it.

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