How to WIN: Know the rules first.

I love to win.

The first post I want to make in here has to deal with winning. Something I have been obsessed with since I was that super competitive kid on my old neighborhood block. Yes, I was that kid voted most competitive in High School. Lol. I was an asshole then, luckily I learned a thing or two as the years went on.


If someone were to ask me what the key to “winning” was over the years, and into the future, my response would probably confuse them a bit. It would have little to do with hard work, intelligence, and even luck as some people like to call it… and everything to do with AWARENESS.


Awareness of what exactly? Me, myself, and I … as well as my surroundings. The people and places that make up the dimension we live in. The constant reactions to the characteristics and emotions of others that make up most of our days.


The funny thing is everyone defines winning a bit differently. To some its more money, others more power, and to many they try for a little of both all while seeking the always elusive word… happiness. But how do we win in a world where everyone else is trying to win a slightly different game?!?



You wouldn’t play checkers with chess pieces, or vice versa. Yet, so many people do!

So many people send resumes in online, but are FAR more likely to get a job through connections. You should spend your time getting to know who’s reading your resume, not spending hours sending them through black holes.

So many businesses focus on vanity metrics of having more customers, more sales, bigger offices, cooler toys, rather than focusing on what actually matters…profiting as an entire company. More profit means the ability to give better healthcare, allow longer employee vacations, more innovation, and build a culture where everyone is closer to that golden word HAPPINESS.


Winning recipe = Awareness + Proper Communication

You cannot only have the awareness and just expect to win. You must learn to create and communicate your VALUE to the world after becoming aware.

Here’s a simple example. Business communication happens in all forms nowadays. Email, Text, DM’s you name it, millions of people are cold-communicating with their leads. There is one major flaw I have seen though. Most people do not understand the rules of this communication game.

For instance, if I was walking down the street and I saw you on the other side. I know who you are, you have no clue who I am. I scream, “hey ‘your name’ let’s grab coffee tomorrow. “I want to buy you a coffee because I have some really interesting thing to tell you (even though I have no clue if you are interested or not) and I am overly positive you’d love to grab coffee with me.

LOL… nobody would ever do that on the street! You would think that person is crazy to approach you on your free time and randomly want your time without being super clear on what they even want.


The real obscure thing is most do not realize email, texts, cold Calls, DM’s etc. are just another form of the street. Yet, they constantly send inauthentic messages without trying to become aware of the overall goal. It is not their fault. It is how they were taught. So we will learn something new together. Keep reading.

The goal is not to make the sale on the first pitch. It is not to make the sale on the ad you produced. It is not the goal to get someone to buy something from you through whatever communication platform you chose.

THE GOAL is to learn more about that person, brand, business…and qualify whether or not you can provide a lot of VALUE to them. And to learn about them you must build a relationship with them. BUY THEIR PRODUCTS. USE THEIR SERVICES. SUPPORT THEIR MISSIONS.

So next time you go to send a message…WAIT. First go read an article from the person you are writing to, like one of their IG photos, re-share one of their LinkedIn articles that you liked, and be patient! Do not sell. Be aware that people do not like to be sold to. They like feeling VALUED. And it is way easier to provide this value in today’s world. All it takes is to understand the rules.

Indeed, this may feel weird. It will seem like a longer process then just playing the numbers game and messaging, calling, meeting everyone. However, it is way more authentic, way less stressful, more enjoyable, and ultimately helps you WIN the game. Because 10 amazing relationships that pay you a premium are so much more VALUABLE than 1000’s that bitch and moan to spend even a dollar on you.

Now let’s get that W!


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