The misconception of Fitness

I think there is a misconception in today’s world about the role that fitness should play in our lifestyle’s. The pressure to succeed in all areas of life is insurmountable when all we have to do is open up FB, IG, or twitter to see how far “behind” we are compared to other people. While this can be related to all areas of life, I am just going to stick to health and fitness for this post.

Have you ever opened up one of these platforms only to be completely confused whether or not you should lift heavy, eat keto/paleo/vegan…purchase whatever other marketing ploy is out there, take progress pics in the mirror every week, run hundreds of miles to lose weight?!?! Most likely you have.

What should you believe though?

The answer, none of it. Most of the information out there fails to mention what is the most important piece of advice any of us can hear. That advice needs to come directly from ourselves, our inner voice, asking us the question “WHY am I FEELING the way that I am FEELING?”

Should I be FEELING like I need to lose/gain weight because I have a legitimate health goal? Or is it because @fitproinfinity1048348 from Instagram, who probably dedicates their life to their aesthetic, makes me feel insecure about myself. If it is the latter, it is time to look in the mirror and have some self-realizations.

Answering that question for ourselves is crucial. Your health regimen should be based around what YOUR specific goals are in your life. And if you have no specific goals right now that’s okay. No matter if you have extremely detail-oriented goals, or even hearing that word stresses you out, you should rely heavily on MODERATION throughout everything you do in your life.

Why do I say moderation?

Moderation allows us to consistently take action on a certain path without the risk of getting burned out. The world agrees that some type of physical activity should be implemented in everyone’s life. However, our focus should not be on following trends, yet rather be on…

  1. Analyzing what we enjoy doing and why we enjoy it?
  2. How can we moderately add those activities we love into our lifestyle?

If we answer those questions and ACT on them, typically the results will show for themselves. We will stay consistent because we enjoy those things we picked. We will also maintain a love for those things because we are self-aware and understand the key of moderation. Even with the things that we LOVE.

So the next time you find yourself feeling anxious about where you are on your journey, remember YOU are in control of your destiny. Think about the activities you love to do, and figure out ways to slowly add more of them into your life. If you are struggling on the implementing part…please reach out I would love to help!

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