Turn negative emotion into positive action.

Negativity Occurs, Positivity Prevails.

Who has had negative things happen to them? Did you let that negative situation create negative emotions? And what about putting those negative emotions toward negative actions that in hindsight, we wish we never acted on?  We’ve all been there. We are human. We can all learn from these instances and change these tendencies though.


2018 has started off as one of the best years I can remember, but it also has a semi-dark cloud looming over it. I’ve been in a lot of physical pain. I’ve been taking a lot of preventative steps to overcome this pain, but I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t have an effect on my emotions, my ability to take part in certain activities and jobs, or even socialize like I wish I could at times.  About two weeks ago, I received some blood work back that described some of my delayed-onset food intolerances. Essentially, I took a test to see what foods were hurting me not just immediately after I ate them, but hours or even days, after consumption. While there has been a lot of good happening these past few weeks, it’s also been really difficult knowing that I have to be even more restrictive with what I can eat.

Living with Celiac Disease and IBS, I am already restricted to a gluten-free, dairy free diet. Now with these additional results, I found out that I am highly reactive to eggs, peanuts, almonds, brown rice, flaxseed, and whey. The frustrating part is that nearly all the gluten free foods (granolas, snack bars, protein powders, dairy-free milks) contain some form of one of those ingredients. I spent 5+ hours in 3 different grocery stores last week trying to find alternatives to what I typically was eating. The end result– a ton of meats, veggies, fruits…no more processed foods for me!

We Have A Choice

But enough with that story. I am fully aware and genuinely happy that I have the ability to put food on my plate. It’s a luxury that a lot of others do not have. With that being said, I want to help others come to that realization as well. I want to help people use the negative things that they may encounter in life to their benefit. Take me for example – I can either let the overly restrictive diet and frustration with how careful I need to be waste my time and energy and bring down others around me, or I can choose to see the light in every situation. I’ve chosen to take the latter. It is one of my goals to be a worldwide leader in the health and wellness industry. To get to that point, I know I need to work harder than 99.99% of others in the gym as well as in the kitchen. Funny thing is, this new problem I have only helps me reach this goal. Point being, if we all look at our problems closely, many of them can be turned around and used as a positive as well.

A friend of mine recently said something to me that really hit home. She said that we “should not act on our feelings, we should think on them.” I took these words into consideration when I saw what my results were. My head immediately drifted towards ‘why me, why now, wtf am I going to do, but within a few moments, I also realized I was happy. I was happy that it was not worse, happy that it was a new challenge for me to conquer, happy that I might be this much closer to finding a permanent solution to all the pain and illness I have felt over the years. I CHOSE to be happy in a moment that sucked, and it helped.


To THRIVE this week, I ask you to think about the cliché statement that “it is not what happens to us, but it’s how we react that matters.” This is the story for many of our lives. Good things happen, bad things happen, but our response to all those things truly defines where we end up in this crazy thing we call life. CHOOSE to be positive and define your own destiny. Do not allow the negative occurrences define it for you.

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