One Way to Stay Motivated as an Entrepreneur.

It’s draining, it’s tiring and it’s demanding….. But how do you stay motivated? 

You have no supervisor, or no manager to congratulate you… no one to pat you on your shoulder for a job well done. You are your own boss….. So how do you stay motivated?

You celebrate the SMALL wins.

Motivation is temporary like a short surge of dopamine to the brain. It must be fueled and re-fueled to keep you going. The key to keep yourself driven is:

  1. Celebrate the SMALL wins.
  2. Find joy in each completed task. Perceive them as PROGRESS.  
  3. Engage in positive self-talk CONSISTENTLY. 

The SMALL wins eventually amount up to BIG ones.

It’s All a Process. Here’s how I do it…

Big tasks are daunting. Big tasks broken down into 3-5 smaller ones are reasonable and actionable. 

When I plan out my week, I strive to set 3 KEY objectives for everyday. Taking time to identify what these 3 KEY objectives are, is essential. These objectives should be things that further your progress as an entrepreneur and move you in the right direction. 

Completing these 3 objectives = Successful day.

Break these 3 objectives down into 3-4 smaller tasks and you have a gameplan for EXECUTION.

I like to keep it visual…

Whether I am using project management tools like Trello, iPhone Reminders or simply just a notepad, I like to keep my progress visual.

Trello – Project Management Tool

Like pictured above, I like to cross my tasks off as I go. This physical action of crossing a task off brings me internal satisfaction. It helps me realize that no matter how big the end goal may be, I am now one step CLOSER… 

And this..

Reinforces my POSITIVE self-talk.

This positive self reinforcement drives me to complete the next task, and then the one after, and so on and so forth… until I have successfully achieved the objective at hand. 

Do you see the loop? 

After breaking down your key objectives into tasks, you have a gameplan for ACTION. 

When you complete each task and celebrate the SMALL win, you find joy in each completed task because it’s PROGRESS. This leads you to engage in POSITIVE self-talk and drives you to complete the next task…

..and the cycle repeats

But it starts by….

Celebrating the SMALL wins.

I want to end with this…. 

Whether this may be applicable in life, business or anything, I find this short quote by Jocko Willink to be very useful.

If you are getting overwhelmed or things are just not working in your favor, 

take the time to…

“Reload…Re-calibrate…Re-engage…and go out on the ATTACK.”

Unlock Yourself.

Hamza Abdallah

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