Pay your tuition.

You have to pay your tuition and no I don’t mean school.

  Does anyone else find it interesting that parents and “kids” will sign on for 50k+ plus in tuition loans to get a piece of paper that does not guarantee anything…yet if that kid, or one of our friends opens a business, spends money traveling the world, or invests in themselves in various ways…we look at them like they’re crazy and warn them of all the “what could go wrong” scenarios.   Let’s get logical for a second. How many 18-22 year olds actually know WTF they want out of life?!? How many 30/40 even 50 year olds know what they want from life?! While there are no true stats behind this, I challenge to say it is very few.   So if people do not know what they want from life…WHY the heck do we pressure others to borrow money they do not have, for something we/they do not even know if they truly want, for a “future” life that they hope will make them feel like they are finally validated and accepted by the community.  

Why does this happen?

  Societal pressure to fit in. We naively follow the crowd and pay tuition to a system that we as good human beings hope to believe is out there trying to help us…meanwhile they rake in millions in spite of us. Let’s get this straight, investing in a piece of paper is not like investing in a physical asset that you can sell in the future. It is worthless unless you MAKE IT WORTH IT. It still takes hard fucking work to continue learning, executing and challenging our comfort zones if we truly want to get the most out of our life. We must pay our life’s tuition even more so than a school's.    

Paying tuition in LIFE is so much more VALUABLE than school.

  It is time we as a society realize this. Learn how to cook. Learn how to exercise.  Learn how to buy/sell things. Learn personal finance. Learn how to read, write, speak, and communicate with others on a deeper level. Learn how to do things ALONE without someone telling you the assignment, make up your OWN assignments. Most importantly learn how to ASK QUESTIONS! Why are you here? Why do you do what you do? Who are you surrounding yourself with and WHY? STOP LISTENING TO EVERYONE AROUND YOU AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF TO DO THE FUCKING WORK THAT MATTERS MOST!   Clearly I am passionate about this subject. I have a right to be. Many people my age are in a ton of debt with no clear direction for their life. They are miserable at their “jobs,” depressed at home in their apartments (cause how could they afford a home and even more debt), and completely lost in this LIFE that should be so important to them to actually LIVE.   I refuse to stand by and do nothing about this like so many do. It is time we WAKE UP and realize what is happening. It is time we teach the youth to pay the highest tuition…INVEST IN THEMSELVES, physically, mentally and spiritually. Grades are a made up thing, but how you treat others, how you treat yourself, how you handle life…now that is the realest of the real.   To THRIVE this week, start to recognize what is REAL, and stay away from what is not. Begin paying your tuition to YOURSELF and invest in your life, love, and business. It will pay massive dividends for your LIFE RIGHT NOW. Not just 4 years down the road when you have a piece of paper to hang on the wall and ask yourself “now what.” #thriveon  

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