Perfection is Imperfection

Don’t let your need for perfection in one part of your life hurt your chances of improving and moving forward in other areas. Being perfect should never be the goal!

Thankfully I was never the type of person that needed certain things to be in perfect alignment before I moved forward in other areas of my life. The example I will use for this is my experience with the educational system because it is something all of us can relate to. It is also the place where I started my journey to stand up for what I believe in rather than following a crowd.

Don’t be a fool, go to school..???

Grades were a constant pressure. Just like work and getting that promotion are a constant pressure once the tests are done.  Why we can’t come together on the logical idea that our current system is wrong, is beyond me. When will this cycle end for us?

While I was, and still am, extremely competitive and always made sure I earned good grades, I openly admitted that I was never out there to get 100’s or even straight A’s for that matter. I knew that if I spent so much time studying to be “perfect” I would lose out on opportunities that were more important to my life. These opportunities revolved around time spent helping myself and others in the gym, #kickingit on the soccer field, living it up at fraternity events and parties, and ultimately connecting with PEOPLE and LIFE outside of a classroom.

Even while I was in the classroom, I paid more attention to the classes I loved. To be honest, I skipped a good majority of classes I did not find interesting or useful to my future. So while other kids fell asleep in class because they “had to be there” to try for that A, I was off improving myself in other ways.

(Side story. One semester I took a class at a community college off campus [it was wayyy cheaper there] that was during an exact day/time as one of my required major courses at my own university…I ended up skipping every required class [only showed up to exams] to go and learn something more important to myself and be efficient with my time. Do not let the system dictate what you want to learn and when you want to learn it!)

Balance > Perfection

Okay back to the point. If I had followed the normal path to try and be perfect at grades, or even–let’s switch it–perfect at soccer so my grades would have suffered, I would not have been able to progressively grow in other areas and become the person I am today. There is a fine balance and sadly I think a lot of people are struggling to find it.

I write this post while I am “working” on a plane and I want to inspire others to think outside the box when they look at how they are spending their time. This writing is not perfect. My grammar needs a lot of work. Thankfully Erin is a big help in that department. She cringes whenever she reads my writing.. My website is nowhere near what I want it to be, but I built it myself on spare time and I take pride in that. I am slacking when it comes to reaching out to those reading this. I know this. A lot of what I do is imperfect. I’m okay with it.

I want to encourage others to be okay with it as well and not to wait until their website is perfect to launch it. Do not wait to have the perfect idea before you start executing on things you enjoy. Don’t accept society’s norms if you feel differently about what your life should look like.


Ultimately, I want to connect with anyone who has felt the pressure to be perfect in certain aspects of their life. Whether it is life, love, or business, it all adds up.

So to THRIVE this week, ask yourself if you can relate to what I have written. If so, get out of your own comfort zone and tell me or someone else YOUR story. I’d love to understand the struggles you might have been through, and help you find YOUR solutions moving forward. Keep thriving fam!

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