The VALUE of Social Media

Gain VALUE by just STARTING!

Showing social media in a positive light and a few ways to simply START gaining value from different platforms.

To me it is crazy in today’s world that there are still some people that do not to use social media for their advantage in some shape or form.

For me the list of importance is actually quite long…

  • I’ve made lifelong friends.
  • I’ve connected with extremely inspirational people and brands.
  • I’ve learned a mass amount of new things and gained so much knowledge in a variety of industries.
  • I’ve traveled to amazing places and then met amazing people solely based off of social media recommendations.
  • I’ve built a business that makes money in a few different streams from these platforms.
  • And most importantly I have found an outlet for creativity and personal growth that I will never stop trying to improve.

Is it hard work, or luck?

The list could probably go on and on at this point. But the point is rather to show you the value I have gained from various platforms. The common misconception though is that VALUE comes from luck or anything around that. While yes there are some that got lucky and hit trends at the right time, for many of us the value we get from the platforms is directly related to the time, energy, and VALUE we put into them. Don’t expect to just have your cake and eat it too…which I think many of us, including myself do at times.

Now I wrote this to show how the platforms can be valuable to you, yet I wanted to make sure to state they only bring you value if you choose to respect them as being valuable and utilize them to your advantage.

How can you start?

The easiest way to start providing any kind of value to your audience is to find something you are passionate about. Something that you will consistently work hard at and will have the authentic ability to have a voice and help others who are passionate about similar things.

What is the easiest way to get started?!?

  1. Use the various platforms to consume knowledge on topics, people, businesses, and brands that are connected to your passion. There is so much FREE information out there that can help you to START creating your own voice.

After you consume a bunch of knowledge and gather how you want to begin…

  1. START sharing this knowledge with others. Liking, commenting, recording, and collaborating with others who are also passionate about doing all of these things.

And for me, the last thing is the most important!

  1. FOCUS ON BEING YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF. Do not fall into the trap of chasing a certain image, or a certain $$$ amount that you can gain. Rather, stay true to who you are and focus on the value you can give to others as they also help provide value to you.


I am taking my own advice and will begin to utilize twitter, YouTube, FB and other forms of outlets that I have neglected. So for us to THRIVE this week I recommend we stop overthinking and START DOING when it comes to social media. You do not know the doors it may open until you give it a try. Pursue your passion, get creative, and most importantly…HAVE SOME FUN! The rest is a cherry on top.



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