Using Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type to stay FITT.

FITT – Frequency. Intensity. Time. Type.

FITT. That’s the acronym I live by these days. Not just with my training, but throughout everything in my life. The opportunity to work with FITT Finder and our mission to help people find their way to better health has transformed my own training and lifestyle for the better.

I’m a big believer that everything in life happens for a reason and it’s up to us to control how we react to things. In my case, I used to just lift weights. I’d go to the gym, life chest just because it was Monday, and that was that. I started this routine in my teens and continued it for years on end. Many of us do. My only saving grace during the time was sports. Being competitive in nature, I loved the different exercises they would run us through. What’s the problem with this?!? Well, when they took away the other people, the competition was gone as well, and I got bored. So instead, I started to pick the path of least resistance, the less challenging road, and stuck to a bland routine. Something tells me i’m not the only one this happened to… 🙂

As with many other things in life, in fitness we tend to enjoy the comfort of routine and the things we are good at. The problem is, routine does not help us grow, whether it is physically, mentally, or spiritually. To break my routine, I started to explore different outlets of creative exercise. I quickly learned that the only way to start changing your physical abilities was by doing.

What I found was that I loved the challenge of calisthenics, I loved the meditation of yoga, and I still loved those heavy lifting days in the underground gyms. There are things out there that you may enjoy, you just do not know it yet. There are different FREQUENCIES, INTENSITIES, TIMES, and TYPES of exercises! Health and wellness is not a one-size fits all practice. You like to walk? Great, go walk! You like to run? Great, go RUN! You like to pretend to be a yogi, go practice yoga! Whatever you like to do, just be active.

The key to living an active and healthy lifestyle is not necessarily what you are doing. Just be open minded and explore different things until you find the ones you enjoy. Then do those things! Consistently DOING things is what will give you the best results. Most importantly doing these things will make you happy, something we all can agree we’re shooting to achieve.

If you are struggling to find what’s for you, connect with me! I have done every workout under the sun and I am always looking to add more to the list. 🙂


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