Stop your linear train of thought, THINK EXPONENTIALLY.



The System

You ever wonder WHY we put kids in a graded system to all learn at the same pace? Or why corporate America gives small percentages of bonuses and salary raises to the same type of people each year? Meanwhile, a small few make millions. I mean, we live in a system where, if you are better at your job at age 24 than someone who is 50, the 50-year old gets paid more because of “time and tenure.”  

Just be a follower…

This is the linear mindset. Go to first grade, get “good enough” grades, don’t ruffle any feathers, and you will move onto second. Now do this 12 times over. But wait, then the system has you do this 4 more times. Use that linear mindset to try to get into the “best” colleges in hopes to have an opportunity to send your new $50-100K piece of paper to the world’s “top” companies. “Oh boy I hope they pick me,” we think to ourselves. And for most who make it out of this system in 16 years, guess where the majority go next? Right back to the bottom of the totem pole. They join a mid-large company for the “name,” get sentenced to a few years of “grunt” work, then hope for a strong enough performance so they receive a bonus and slight salary raise (aka moving up a grade). Seeing any similarities here? I have always wondered WHY my generation’s parents never actually sat inside a classroom to test the experience for their own kids. If they had, I believe school would start to look a bit different. We have kids sitting in overcrowded classrooms, being told what to learn, when to stand, how to be…then we feed them processed junk and prescription pills because they are not being stimulated enough, so they act out. Oh wait is that our KIDS? Or is that adults in Corporate America?


The reality is, it does not have to be this way. It baffles me that we as human beings allowed it to become this way in the first place. Life is not linear. Why do we cage ourselves into certain boxes and beliefs? We are meant to continuously test and progress, argue and debate, eat, move, and nourish our bodies and minds to optimize our life experience. We are meant to THRIVE. And thriving does not come from following the linear lines of everyone else. Right now I am raising the question, next week I will go into more depth on WHY, WHAT, and HOW to have less of a linear train of thought and more of an exponential one. So to THRIVE this week, I want you to ask yourself: Are you or have you ever been stuck in linear thought? Have you set limits on what you can achieve?   If so, that is okay! I’d love to connect and help you break out of it.

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