Current MOOD: I live, love, laugh, cry, sweat, bleed, exhaust myself for this mission I am on. And nothing I could ever write could express the feelings I get when I think back to where this all began. ThriveOnLife started because of stress, illness, and death. Yet, today it is what keeps me wanting to LIVE above and beyond my wildest dreams while also helping others do just the same. 


If you had asked me 10 years ago, lets say at High School graduation, “CJ where do you see yourself in 10 years…” I would cringe at what I would have said.


-Raffle off a list of achievements I didn't really care about while molding it to sound respectable to the audience, one that I thought would make my parents proud, an answer that spewed lingo to abide to the conformity of what society wanted from me. 


Here's the real story to it though.

  • I live in a state I would have laughed at back then.
  • I live in a city that I never even heard of until after college. 
  • I am married to the girl I loved at the age of 10, yet did not deserve until age 24. 
  • I am not the engineer, athlete, or “manager” I thought I would be…I am better, and my metric has nothing to do with money or the status of those titles. I am a better where it counts…a HUMAN that strives to be a better man, friend, family member, husband each and every day.
  • I am wholeheartedly ME. Tattoos, fitness, bookworm, adrenaline junky, and so so so much more. 


And it feels so amazing to finally say that. 


But if you know me, one I like to talk and say things lol, but two…I LOVE ACTION! I love those that DO and ACHIEVE, not just say. And I have worked my ass off for years to lead by example.


Fortunately, this has led me to a team that is on a mission to help the world. While ThriveOnLife started years ago, it's real journey starts now. We are building a team of DOERS who are passionate about educating fellow humans on what is really important in this world. THRIVING has nothing to do with your current income, neighborhood, or car that you drive…and everything to do with WHO you are as a person, WHAT legacy you will create, and WHY it all matters to you in the first place.


STAY TUNED AS WE CONTINUE TO BUILD. If you'd like to be a part of the construction, please connect with us!

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