It’s been a minute since my last thrive weekly. This journey we call life is amazing. New ideas every day. Time to execute on a couple of them.


Thrive. What does it mean to me?


What the dictionary says.

T H R I V E \ intransitive verb \ˈthrīv\:

to grow or develop successfully; to flourish.


– Yaz I know you love the fact that the word flourish is in here. Go check out my really cool friend @nourishandflourish on IG.

While that is the standard definition of thrive, I believe it is linked to more of a feeling that we get through actions we take. My thoughts are encapsulated in the bullets below.


  • Seeing the world and appreciating its beauty.


  • Continuously setting a new bar and passing it with pride.


  • Remembering to kick back and laugh, breathe, and indulge.


  • Innovative thought, new ideas, and thinking outside the box.


  • Limitless physical capability.


  • Nourishing the mind, body, and soul.


  • Authentically and unapologetically yourself.


  • Is an action. Follow that burning desire in your heart and show your love.


  • The character that shines when no reward, credit, or achievement is on the line.


  • Seeking new ways to improve the quality of life for both the body and the mind.


So why am I defining this now?

When I created this website I stubbornly did all the work myself. I set out to learn how everything worked so I could better understand the life of a web developer. Also, I wanted to say that I thrived by building thrive. LOL.


Now that I long since scratched that itch, (golf clap to all the developers out there y’all are the real MVP’s) it is time for me to #levelup … but not just the aesthetic look of the site, the content as well. I created thriveonlife because I wanted to build something that spotlights what everyone else is doing to impact our world. If you follow me in any capacity, you’ll probably see me running around and  interacting with many different groups of people.


I do this

  1. Because I love people, but 2. and more importantly, I want to help those people lessen their struggles, follow their passions, and do whatever we can together to leave a lasting positive impact on our world.


My brand was founded to help mission based people, brands, and businesses THRIVE. While I have physically been out in the market starting this, I have not shifted to my digital/website focus … until now.

Simply stated, I want to start featuring other people because that is why this website was created in the first place. I do not know exactly what this looks like yet, at what capacity it will be, or when I can officially launch my ideas (life is crazy right now), but this is me calling myself out on paper.


To THRIVE this week, I will leave you with two questions shown below.


  • What are you passionate about?
  • How are you setting yourself apart from the crowd?

These are questions that often go unanswered because we do not act on them. I’m on a mission to change that. And I need your help. Let’s start putting thought into action and helping others #thriveonlife.

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