Thrive with family.

I never forget how fortunate I am to have an amazing family around me. When I say family I do not mean only blood relatives. I mean the people that pour as much positive energy into me as I try to do for them. These are the kind of people that take the good with the bad and stand by us to support our dreams. If you want to fully THRIVE and live a better life, I highly recommend choosing a good family. After all, it is your choice.

One of my family members is Jeff. He grew up in a small town in South Jersey, flourished at a large public university, got a great job….and his reward? To be stricken with a crippling autoimmune disease. We relate on so many levels.

Like many out there, he questions the next steps in his life. His health complications would wreck the lives of others. Not Jeff though. He keeps THRIVING and is trying his best to help others do the same. I won’t speak on his story much more because I’d love for him to be the one to tell it to you.

I’d like to introduce something he has written and I highly recommend you connect with him. He is one of a kind.

What do YOU want

Dreamers Change the World

When we have these dreams about our future selves, why do we shut that door and pretend that video of our life could never happen? Why do we imagine these ideas and keep them locked inside so tight because we’re scared someone might say, “That’s stupid”, or “I bet someone is already doing that”? While I write this passage, I’m creating an image in my mind that you’re reading this and thinking one of those two things. But you know what? I don’t give a fuck.

People who are weak enough and submit to their inner negative voice don’t succeed. The people who make a difference, the people who challenge the masses, the people who persist even in the face of adversity are the ones who change the world. There will always be doubters, but if you’re reading this, just know that the only judge, jury and executioner that matters is yourself.

When you’re stuck

The moment you begin to second guess your decision is the moment you should remember your icons and role models. I guarantee they all went through what you’re going through right now. Hell, I’m double thinking this decision to sit here and share my thoughts with complete strangers. But you know what? I have a finite amount of time on this Earth and I’m going to make the best of it. Death. Death is approaching on us all even if we’re rich, poor, white, black, whatever, so keep that in mind as you’re battling confrontation.

What we do control is our effort. We can make changes to thrive and be better than our yesterday’s self. When I close my eyes and I let that dream play out in my mind, I can begin to break it down into steps. First thing I’ll do is Write It Down. Write down my goal. Write down the steps to reach that goal and my plan to execute. We can always revise them, but we need to devise a plan to move forward because no one is going to wait for us to get our shit together. Death doesn’t wait.

If you haven’t seen, “The Crazy Ones” video, I highly suggest you stop reading and check it out. I bet you a coffee that you’ll want to go and cure the fuck out of cancer.

Jeff McSweeny.

Go check him out and pester him to write more. THANK YOU! 🙂

*ALSO if you are thinking of starting to write, but have fears of how to get started, we would love to help! Him and I both used to talk about that same exact fear.

To THRIVE this week ask yourself what kind of family you are surrounding yourself with. Is it people that encourage and believe in your dreams? If not, go out and do something about it. Jeff and I would love to be a supporter of your dreams.


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