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27 Years.

I just turned 27. When? How? Where did the time go? I don’t know about you, but in some ways I feel much older than I am and in other ways I want to stay a kid forever. I recently mentioned to a client of mine, that as we age, time seems to slip through our hands and life just gets faster and faster. To whoever created this rat race, I have serious beef with you and I refuse to participate.

As kids, life excites us. We wake up ready to take on the day. We try new things, we meet new people, and every place we go is usually new to us. And guess what? We embrace the hell out of it with a smile even with few bumps and bruises along the way. With age, the new experiences dwindle, people hurt us so our ego keeps us from seeking new relationships, and the bumps and bruises are now scars that remind us to be scared of failure, rather than jumping head first like we used to.

Instead, we go to college and take on massive debt because “it’s what everyone else is doing and is necessary to succeed.” (I beg to differ.) We get a career that other people will be impressed with, rather than one that makes us happy. We try to “one-up” each other in everything in life — cars, houses, parties — but where does it get us?

I will tell you. We all end up traveling towards the same place, 6 FEET DEEP.

What if we came together to help each other rather than compete? It is something I have thought about for years. Hmm.

I’ve been inspired to write this for some time now. Since moving to Austin, I have been extremely fortunate to be surrounded by so many people who go out of their way to help others. And because of this, I can finally say I feel at home.

I created this site to help others and bring awareness to other amazing people out there who are helping our world. Within this blog, I am starting THRIVE Weekly to not only help others, but to talk about something I feel is missing in our education system. While they teach us to compete and fight for grades, we lose our passion for reading, writing, learning, and gaining the ability to provide the most important concept in life…VALUE.

Many of us are so “busy,” competing against the Jones’ we forget WHY we are doing things in the first place. How many of you have studied just for the grade, or took the job just for the money? I have.

We say, “oh I just need to pay this bill then I can quit…I just need to stay for “X” amount of years to get the raise, etc.” But when we look deeper, we are staying at the job to pay bills that we accrue because we bought a car we don’t need, we spend money on food/drinks that are slowly killing us, we buy new clothes even though our closets are already filled…the list goes on. Then we really think deep and realize that the raise or promotion to that next level is not even something we want. But we stay anyway. WHYYYYYY!

Those are all questions I answered for myself in 2017. I took the plunge and left the rat race in pursuit of a higher cause. Doing things out of my comfort zone daily, meeting new people every chance I had, and providing as much value to anyone and everyone that would allow me to, without asking for anything in return. It was a personal experiment of mine and I could not have done it without the support of my partner in crime, Erin.


As 2018 kicks off, I want to continue this trend of providing as much value as I can. Every week I will post a small tidbit of info that I feel may help others out there. I will connect with others who are providing value and spotlight their work to continue to spread the good vibes. Togetherness wins and I look forward to what this wonderful journey has in store.

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