E36 Thriving On Tragedy (yes really) with Claw Athletics Founder Corey Lawson



Corey Lawson was called into the principal's office one day when he was 7 years old. He was a bit of a trouble maker and just thought he'd gotten caught this time. But when he stepped into the office, his mom was there, and she was crying. Hard. “Corey, your father collapsed. He's gone.”

Meeting Corey today, you wouldn't have any idea he'd experienced such tragedy. He lights up the room with his vibrant, positive energy. But it wasn't always this way. In his darkest moments, fitness, sports, team camaraderie, and coaches were there for him. It is in honor of his father and the other positive male influences in his life that Corey aims to help as many people as possible achieve optimal health and live their best lives, because we never know if today is our last day.

Corey is the founder of Claw Athletics, a health and fitness company which provides bootcamps, social activities, 1:1 personal fitness training, and online training for millenials, by millenials.

It wasn't an easy road getting to where Corey is today, and in this episode he shares every bump and rock bottom moment along the way. 

Key Themes in this episode

  • Why Corey is driving around Austin, Texas in silence nowadays

  • How Corey went from wanting to be a fortune 500 company CEO to now running his own small business (and loving it)

  • Pivotal moments for Corey and CJ when they realized it was time to quit the corporate 9-5 and go all in on their side hustles

  • What Corey's first major investment in his business was

  • How Corey stuck it out when NO ONE cared about his bootcamp for the first YEAR

  • Key mistakes Corey made early on in his business

  • The one thing business owners get stuck on in the beginning that leads most people to quit within the first year

  • How Corey and CJ learned to let go of control in their business and start delegating the things they're not good at so they can grow

If you are between the ages of 22 and 30, you're in a corporate position or in sales, you really care about your health, you're competitive, and you've got that social itch to be hanging out with friends, Claw Athletics is perfect for you! They have social events built into memberships. Head to clawathletics.com to learn more or follow @clawathletics or @coach_corey_fit on IG or Twitter.

Key Lessons from this episode

  • It is important to have time for silent contemplation to calm our mind and give us space to think of creative ideas

“The missing link for myself and a lot of people is, we don't even have enough time alone with our own thoughts, our own emotions, our own brain to really tap into a lot of the genius we all have.”

  • Always aim HIGHER. We are impacted by certain constructs of what success looks like, but if you're not happy in the mold, break out of it

  • Self awareness is key to taking control of your life- become aware of why you're on the current trajectory you're on. Is this what you really want? 

  • Often the thing you're most scared of is the thing you should do

“You can only lose the same way for so long, and then you have to switch it up.”

  • Pay attention to the things you do even if you're exhausted, you're still excited to do even if you've studied or worked all day

  • You have to have resilience and passion for what you're doing as an entrepreneur because no ones gonna care for a while

“We were out there every single week for a whole year with just one or two people, and that was it. And we would set up a tripod and try to record the footage, put it on Instagram, tag each other, both reposts it. But there was zero traction. Nobody cared.” 

  • It's important to leverage the people who are showing up for you in the beginning- show them you care about them, make them feel special

  • Don't let your ego get in the way of your own success

“One, I didn't want to tell the world I had this bootcamp where there's two people showing up to like, my ego is like in the way.  I would only post if there was like five or more people. And the problem with that is if you don't tell the world what you're doing, then people can't join you.”

  • Business really is connecting with people on a human level and understanding why you're doing what you do

  • It's so important for new entrepreneurs to ask for help and ask questions

  • If you're gonna be an entrepreneur you have to get used to spending money to make more money

  • Stay in your lane doing what you do best and bring in A+ team members who are better at you in other areas


5am Club by Robin Sharma

Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday

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