What are your CORE VALUES?

From the day we are born we are pressured, pushed, and pulled into so many different scenarios, situations, and thoughtless occurrences where we believe we have no control. Especially in today’s social media world where people are no longer asking themselves who they want to become, rather they are becoming zombies looking for the next hot thing to “follow” along to. Instead of controlling and shaping our own destiny, many are allowing the day to day, things “others” say, control their minds, bodies, and sadly…their souls. It is so clear that most people in society have no core values guiding them.

Born into it.

Think about it. When we are born we are thrown into a life, where, for the most part, we are not in control. As a kid we don’t control what neighborhood we live in, what school we go to, what religion we “are”, what political party our family follows, what we are allowed/not allowed to do, say, become. We become molded by all of these different scenarios…and for most, we never grow up, and we continue to just “follow” the path that was put in front of us by others. What used to be just a physical path, is now a digital one as well.

What is the solution to never becoming a “controlled zombie-like follower?!?”

Having our own set of CORE VALUES that we CHOOSE to live by. They have nothing to do with the situations society tries to pressure us to have a stance on. They are purely to remind us WHY we are here on this earth. WHAT energy we are striving to spread while we are fortunate enough to be breathing. And ultimately, they grant us the confidence to always figure out the “HOW” we will do it all.

Here are mine…

To be clear, I don’t care what ethnicity you are, how old you are, your religion, sexual preference, what clothes you wear (or don’t wear lol), whether you are paleo, keto, vegan, carnivore….WE ARE ALL HUMAN.

It is time we start truly recognizing that humans are blessed to be unique from one another and should be respected for being so.

Debate is fine, ignorance and disrespect are not.

Now for all who may say this blog is starting to head towards an utopian (everything is equal and fine), hippie like mindset…I am not asking people to gather around and sing kumbayah. Quite the opposite actually. I want people to be different, to disagree, to debate, and to always try to push the limit of our society forward. If everyone agreed on everything, life would SUCK!

What I am asking is to take a step back and ask yourself have you been living your own truth? Or have you been following somebody else’s? If it is the latter, fully acknowledge it, respect yourself a bit more, and work towards becoming the REAL you. The fact is, core values allow you to do so without having the urge to bash those who may have held you back in the first place.

To THRIVE this week…

I ask you to come up with your own set of core values. Create a list that will begin to guide you through all of your life. It will bring in new people, new experiences, and a new mindset where you will start to believe anything you dream is achievable.

For more information on HOW to create your list, and WHY this list matters, check out my IGTV explanation HERE.

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