What is our purpose?

This one is from the heart.

Do we have a purpose?

Purpose is a hot topic these days. With the information age turning into the virtual/augmented reality age people are at a loss understanding where our world is headed. Even worse, they are at a loss of themselves and where they fit into all the chaos. Is life really that chaotic though? Or are we at crisis with ourselves. Saying yes to things because “so and so” from Instagram thinks so.

You see it everywhere. Do more, be busier, stay more connected, success is seemed to be portrayed by how MUCH we can do, rather than what we actually do and WHY we do it. With the lack of a moral compass driving millions of people to value aesthetics over context, our world seems destined for some crazy times ahead.

Do not get me wrong. I am no saint when it comes to any of this. The startup world seems to idolize “struggle porn” (the art of working really hard just b e c a u s e working hard is deemed cool) and I have fallen into the trap more than one time.

But then there are times I come up for air and ask myself “what the fuck are you doing, and WHY are you literally killing yourself doing it?” Great question CJ.

This is one of those times. I feel I am breathing again.

Here’s what I deal with. You may be able to relate. There is a little voice in my head that tells me to do it because I want to provide an amazing life for my beautiful wife. It tells me to fight through unbearable pain because my future kids depend on me to give them a life of true FREEDOM. It tells me to put in the hours now it will be worth it. Forgo careless fun in the present moment now CJ. Soon you will be able to afford to fly the entire family, and those you love, to spend time with you at any given moment in the future.

Yet, what if that future never exists? That distorted purpose my internal voice created would not matter.

And the hard truth is…it may not exist.

How did my internal voice gain power then?

Many people are trapped by the fear of failure. This has never been me though. I do not fear death, and this causes me to face fears and to ACT. No time is guaranteed. It is a double edged sword though, and I have figured it out the hard way. Since birth, I have been the guy that will do whatever it takes to get the job done and make dreams become reality. But a piece of me dies each time. And I am not sure how many pieces I have to go around.

Due to some recent life events I have started to ask myself what the hell is the point? Is this distorted purpose worth giving up all my pieces? What is the purpose of even having this purpose? LOL.

You want the truth? There is none.

There is no purpose.




Could you imagine a life where you woke up in a world and were told what your purpose was, and what you would do every waking moment until you die? That would be miserable. Sadly, there are places on earth where this is reality…yet we still have people complaining about their first world problems.

This is what causes me to get really annoyed with where our world is going because so many seem to have their purposes all fucked up.

Be a part of the solution, not the problem.

All the baby boomer parents watching the news every night is that your purpose? To complain about our current state? The news cannot do anything for YOUR LIFE. Only YOU can. Every kid scrolling through social media looking for validation, getting bullied or being the bully…get off social media and go LIVE. Every young professional seeking a “job” to prove something to their mother, brother, friend or foe…is that your purpose? To achieve something and go “HA! Look at me I did it.” Only to realize soon after, you are not happy and nobody really gives a shit.

It is like humans do not know how to be content and happy with a simple purpose. Be kind, strive to be a better person every day, and enjoy the time we have while we walk the earth.

Why is this so complicated?

Again, I am no saint. Until I started dating Erin, I did not know what this felt like. I worked so hard to get the scholarships, the degrees, the certifications, the money, the attention, the validation…and for what? At the end of the day I go back to my apartment just like everyone else. I eat, sleep, wake up, look myself in the mirror and repeat…just like everyone else.

We are all one. And it is time we realize that we can create our purpose every moment of every day. It is not the choice of him, her, they, or them. It is our choice. And I want to inspire people to actively participate in making that choice.

Connect your purpose

So if you read all the way through this, I thank you. YOU are now a small part of my purpose. To connect. I need your help though. Please connect with someone you love and tell them they are a part of your own purpose. Send this to someone who needs help hearing that they are important and their purpose matters. Share YOUR purpose with the world because the world will be shouting back at you from every direction what it thinks your purpose should be. YOU ARE LOUDER THOUGH.

I can hear you, but it is time for the world to hear you as well.  


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