E39 Thrive On Health with Dr. Matt Delgado and Dr. Scott Mitchell, Founders of LifeSpring Chiropractic

Dr. Matt Delgado Dr. Scott Mitchell, Founders of Lifespring Chiropractic, are here to set you straight about what it truly means to live a healthy lifestyle, and how to truly differentiate yourself in business.

Dr. Matt came to Austin with just $2k in his pocket, no online presence, and a passion for helping people live more in alignment with health and wellness. He called his college mentee Dr. Scott to come to Austin, check out his humble office and discuss the vision for creating a new chiropractic experience. Despite Dr. Scott having many amazing job offers at the time, he really had a hunch that this was the way he could make more of an impact on the community.

And these two vertibros have done just that. They are dedicated to educating the community of Austin, Texas about holistic health and encouraging people to take care of their bodies, especially now in these times of the coronavirus. 

In this episode we talk about how these guys got addicted to crack….ing peoples’ backs;), answer the question of how to know what to give away for “free” in business (hint: nothing is really for free, even if there isn’t a dollar amount attached to it), how to trust your gut to make decisions and stay true to yourself, and the importance of creating an experience for your customers (and how to do so). 

If you are looking for go to health experts in Austin, Dr. Matt and Dr. Scott should be your go-to’s! 

***Unfortunately, at the time of this recording, due to coronavirus lockdown, LifeSpring Chiropractic office is currently closed, but definitely follow them on Instagram @lifespringchiro, @drscottmitchell and @drmattdelgado for updates!

Dr. Matt Delgado and Dr. Scott Mitchell, Founders of LifeSpring Chiropractic


  • What got Scott and Matt interested in chiropractic and why they’re so passionate about health
  • How they met and decided to go into business together
  • How Matt and CJ traded services to create a win-win situation 
  • How Scott keeps a strong, positive mindset and follows his intuition
  • How Scott followed an unconventional path for getting into this field but eventually found what he loves

“If it wasn’t for listening to my gut and learning a lot about what I didn’t want to do, I wouldn’t be here today.” – Scott

  • How practicing a truly healthy lifestyle is not just “eating clean” and working out
  • How LifeSpring Chiropractic creates an experience for their patients that leaves them feeling good, beyond just the physical feeling

Incorporate chiropractic into your healthy lifestyle


  • Sit alone, with no stimulus, away from your phone, and become more in tune with your body to listen to your intuition
  • Search for ways to create an experience for your customers that leaves a lasting impression

“What can I do to not only adjust them, but also just make sure that they’re more in tune with themselves and just in a happier place. And that’s what really got me to love chiropractic.” -Scott

  • Find the right help and team up with the right people if you truly want to thrive
  • Your title doesn’t matter, no one cares what your title is, they care how you make them feel
  • Go above and beyond to catch people’s attention when reaching out to potential clients, customers or business partners and genuinely offer value
  • Exposure equals opportunity equals currency, and you can switch the currency to whatever it is that someone needs from you at the time
  • You want to be around people that remind you of why you started
  • You don’t have to have an exact same schedule every day and stick to the routine, that’s not entrepreneurship
  • When hiring, get really clear on exactly the type of person you want and need on the team, don’t just hire the first person you find
  • Allow people to be themselves by being yourself

 “When you’re having fun, do you give other people permission to do the same.” -Matt

Dr. Matt Delgado, Co-founder of LifeSpring chiropractic and health educatorDr. Scott Mitchell, Co-Founder of LifeSpring Chiropractic


Website: https://lifespringchiro.com/

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