Work smarter, then work harder.

Is hard work enough?

No, hard work is not enough! As an athlete I grew up for 20+ years going to the field at least once a day. Hard work was noticeable. In real life though, it goes unnoticed for the most part. You don’t win awards for being a great mom or dad. You don’t get acknowledged for giving every ounce of energy to your coworkers. And you certainly don’t have someone at home giving you free massages and pep talks at the end of a 12-hour work day. If you do, let me know where I can sign up.   The world is a huge place. There are millions of people working extremely hard each day. But for what? Many do not slow down enough to point their hard work in the right direction. They work hard for the wrong job, the wrong people, and in the wrong market. Why? Because they were raised by the notion that head down hard work will get you “there”, just don’t quit. We may have been raised to fear the consequences of not working hard, but we certainly weren’t told enough on how to pick our head up and choose WHAT we should be working towards.   Imagine if we left our cars running without driving them. We’d spend money filling them with fuel, only to notice that the tank was drained before we even got to travel somewhere. Now think of your life like this. We fill it with things, to-do lists, and endless tasks that fall under the category of “working hard” and are supposed to get us to some destination. But do we know why that destination is the right one?


So if hard work is not enough, how do we separate ourselves from the pack? Slow down, find your WHY, map out your trajectory…and crawl, walk, then RUN. (P.s. If you’re struggling with how to slow down and what it feels like to do so, I will be writing a separate piece on this topic. Feel free to reach out in the meantime). Then adjust accordingly each day, week, month to see if you’re on YOUR trajectory. Noticed how I said YOUR. Stop following the masses and define this trajectory for yourself.   How do we start with this trajectory?   Start with an exercise I love from the book the ONE THING. This will be your first step in working a bit smarter this year. Because how do you expect to score goals if you don’t even know where the net is.   *** Be sure to save, screenshot, and share this with whoever you think could benefit from it. It is up to us to help others set tangible milestones towards achieving their own dreams. Strive together, THRIVE TOGETHER! ***

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