E41 Podcasting and Living in Vietnam with Podcast Manager and Host Dana Drahos

Dana Drahos is all about pushing her boundaries and putting herself in new and uncomfortable situations in order to grow. That’s how she ended up leaving her small New Jersey farm town to go live in Vietnam, and that’s how she dove headfirst into becoming a podcast manager, without really knowing what she was doing and not having anyone to look to for guidance who’d done this before.

“There was no roadmap for me.There was no one to look to, to be like, ‘Oh, they’ve done this before so I can just sort of follow in their footsteps.’ There were so many times where I just wished I could pick up the phone and call a mentor or someone who has done this before” 

It hasn’t been easy, that’s for sure, and she is still learning. You need to hear this episode if you’re just starting out in online business and are suffering from “shiny object syndrome” where you’re having trouble choosing one niche, or if you’re wanting to move abroad but thinking…”Is it really doable?”. 

We also talk about podcasting, of course! And how to know if it’s time to hire a podcast management team for your business, what the advantages are of doing so, how to get great guests on your show, and the type of mindset to have when starting a podcast.

If you are a business owner wanting to start a podcast but feeling stuck in analysis paralysis, or you already have a podcast and don’t have the time or energy to take it to the next level, Dana and her team would love to help you with their done-for-you podcast launch and management services and consulting.


  • How Dana got into podcasting (and if you’re wanting to start an online business but have no idea what type of business to get into, podcast management is a fastly growing niche!)

“The experience I was having was, wow, I feel seen and heard in this moment by someone else sharing their story on this podcast, and it sounds just like my story. So I’m really connecting with her. And that really is the magic of podcasts, especially for business owners, because you’re trying to connect with your audience and build that know, like, and trust”

  • All her struggles in the beginning being in a space where there aren’t that many people doing what she’s doing
  • How she pivoted from being a general virtual assistant to niching in podcasting
  • What is a blue ocean vs red ocean in terms of business and how will it help you niche down your services when you’ve got that “shiny object syndrome”?
  • How a small town girl ended up in Vietnam and how it’s TOTALLY doable to live abroad if you want to!

“I’ve always wanted to live abroad. And finally it was just like, okay, if not now, when, and I just thought to myself, if I don’t do this now, I’m going to regret it later for sure.”

  • The moment she realized the office life was not for her and she went off to Vietnam having never been in Asia before
  • Why she chose Vietnam out of all the places to teach English
  • How to know if it’s time for you to hire a podcast management team

“Treat this as a long-term investment because especially if you’re doing it for your business, for some people, your podcast could be their first impression of you or of your brand. So you want to show up your best.”

  • How to pitch to get great podcast guests on your show


Website: https://www.danadrahos.com

Dana’s podcast Creators in Saigon: https://creators-in-saigon.simplecast.com/

Instagram: @dana.drahos


Follow on Instagram: @cj.finley and @thriveonlife

Email [email protected]

Visit: https://thriveonlife.com/


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