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Have you lost your job or lost revenue in your business and are searching for what to do next?

With over 26 million Americans who have filed for unemployment due to the coronavirus pandemic, and all kinds of businesses who have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, it’s time to think about how to best position yourself for this “new normal”.

No one knows exactly what this “new normal” will be, but we can say for sure that figuring out how to grow a business online will be extremely important. 

The next guest on the Thrive On Life podcast is Moby Hayat, who lost his job at a startup accelerator in the midst of the pandemic. Instead of searching for a new job to get by, he invested his time, energy, and money to partner with someone to build a virtual summit, gathering 65+ speakers to teach people how to effectively market and grow a business online.

In this interview we’ll get into Moby’s backstory as an immigrant from Pakistan and his journey to coming to the US and finally getting his green card, his experience working for a large corporation and what skills he learned in this setting that help him in entrepreneurship, and all about the behind the scenes of building this online summit and promoting it at the same time.

This summit is for somebody who's either building a side hustle or a business and they've relied on in-person networking and referrals to get more customers, get connected to investors, get more clients, but now need to pivot, and want to learn how from people who have already been successful doing so. And not only learn from them, but network with them as well.

Day 1 of the summit: How do online first business models work

Day 2: How to get customers online for those business models

Day 3: How are people currently pivoting that you can learn from, whether they're in your industry or not

Day 4: How do you adapt to an unknown future as a business (not specifically digitally)

Get your buy one get one ticket for just $35 at and connect with Moby on Instagram @notthatmoby, and check out his entrepreneurship podcast The Fireshow Podcast.


  • Moby’s childhood growing up in Pakistan, how his parents had the expectations of him to become a doctor but that’s not what he wanted

  • His assimilation into the US at University of Texas, nearly being expelled from the school for writing fake doctors notes to get out of class

  • He wanted to start side hustles but legally could not do so on a student visa, so what he did instead

“That's the hook that got me, which is, Oh my God, I built this and I can build more things outside of a system that I do really bad in.”

  • Why he says losing his job because of COVID-19 was the best thing to happen to him all year

  • What skills he gained working at Dell and how they’ve been transferable in the startup world

“So it helps you, I think, run operations really well and understand the processes at a big scale because yes, a startup has to be fast. It's innovative, it's adaptive, but structure and process, learning that from a corporation, is extremely important.”

  • How to break down a huge project like a summit into smaller, manageable parts and what to focus on first

“I found that to be super helpful to think of everything as a structure and a machine that could run a certain way.” 


  • We don’t HATE corporations at THRIVE, there are valuable skills to be learned from working a corporate job. Some of those are, learning about structure, process, and systems that help you scale up, how to communicate to different stakeholders, and how to sell

  • Always document your journey and process- this opens up opportunities for people to see what you’re doing and connect with you

  • To start a side hustle, solve problems for the people around you. Offer to help someone for free, then get a testimonial to market and get paying customers



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