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As if dating culture hasn’t been drastically shifted enough in the past few years with all the dating apps, social distancing has really made things interesting. Some people think it’s the best thing to ever happen to dating, while others think it’s the worst. 

For all things dating and relationships, we looked no further than Elsa Moreck as our next guest. Elsa knows all the latest trends in dating and what ways singles are getting creative with “dating while distancing”. 

Having grown up traditionally Lebanese, but always in American and international environments, Elsa received a lot of mixed messaging around like what the purpose of dating is and what it should look like.

As she was going through her life coaching certification, where a lot of self-reflection is required, she started to question everything she “knew” and got much clearer on what she believes. 

Now, she has a thriving coaching business, where she is able to take her clients through a three-step process, where they go from feeling completely defeated with dating, to knowing and finding exactly what they’re looking for. 

In this episode we talk about how Elsa ended up on this path and the struggles she’s had along the way, what problems social distancing is causing for those who are dating, what a day in the life looks like for her as a dating and relationships coach, what exciting plans she has on the horizon, and much more.

Elsa adapted to social distancing and quickly pivoted her existing Facebook group to be a place where conscious singles can mingle. If you’re living in Austin, between the ages of 21-55, and serious about being intentional in dating, request to join Elsa’s group Down to Mingle on Facebook. She also has a self-paced membership and higher-touch one-on-one coaching.

Key Topics in This Episode

  • What are things Elsa is seeing people do to get creative in dating while distancing

  • What problems social distancing has caused for singles in the dating scene (aside from the obvious fact that they can’t really meet in person)

  • How we’re in danger of falling love with someone’s “persona” and not them as a person


“If you are dating a lot more online now, manage your expectations and be mindful of the fact that when you meet in person, your expectations might be shattered in a great way or in a not so great way.” 

  • Why Elsa always felt “deficient” when she was growing up among her family of doctors and engineers, and why not going down those career paths was ultimately a very wise decision for the future of the world

“You can really build up a persona of a person that has a lot of holes in think you're getting a full picture of that person, but you're only getting what they want you to could very easily fall in love with a persona and not a person.”

  • Elsa’s journey to becoming a dating and relationships coach and her biggest struggles along the way

  • Why there’s no right or wrong in being an “expert” in one or two areas, versus being multi passionate and learn about a lot of different things

  • What a day in the life looks like for a dating and relationship coach

  • The three-step process all of Elsa’s 1-1 clients go through

  • Lessons Elsa has learned in her own recent dating experience

“I think it shifts from, ‘I want to impress you’ to, ‘I want to keep you impressed.’” 

Key Lessons in This Episode

  • You don't have to have it figured out and you also don't have to live by anybody else's rules to start helping people and doing what you love to do. Stick to what’s in your gut and continue learning.

  • If you're out there and you're still seeking something, don't try to box yourself in to one thing, because you might be able to come and expert in something that nobody even foresaw

  • Having your own coach or a mentor saves them so much time. As Tony Robbins says, coaches help turn decades into days. When we don't have experience, we don't know the right questions to ask.

  • Remember that we're doing a lot of Zoom calls and we're on Instagram a lot lately, and behind that screen are other human beings. They had the same feelings as you do. They hurt like you do. They’re anxious, just like you are. Always remember that before you go in and say anything or do anything. And especially in the dating world, whether you're a male or female, remember there's consequences to your actions.

Connect and Work with Elsa Moreck

If you’re in Austin, Texas area, single, between the ages of 21-55 and want to date with intention, meaning you’re committed to taking your time to get to know people and date people whose values align with your own, you should join the Down to Mingle Digitally Facebook group! It’s a great place to deviate from the madness and mindless swiping which has become the norm. It’s about slowing down, acting consciously, appreciating everyone you come across, regardless if it ends up into anything.

If you’re still struggling in dating and not yet sure what you’re looking for, you can either join Elsa’s low-cost self-directed membership, or work more intensely with Elsa one on one and go through her three step process.



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