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In many ways, for a lot of us, our lives as we knew them have completely changed as a result of the pandemic. Some will assume the victim role and blame the circumstances for why they’re not where they want to be in life, while others will choose to define their circumstances and be the creator of a life they love.

“I just felt like my gifts were more in the realm of rehabilitation and getting people from this place of just feeling like they can't ever get back, to then giving them a new vision.”

Clint Harwick is an ex professional athlete, exercise physiologist, licensed therapist, Dr. of Physical Therapy Student, and Founder of Body of Youth. He works with people whose lives have been changed forever all the time in the physical rehabilitation setting. He helps his patients and 1:1 clients transform from feeling hopeless about the life they’ve lost, to living a balanced life they’re excited about by tackling every aspect of physical and mental wellbeing.

“I just wanted to be able to do something that was not prescription heavy. My prescription is movement. Movement is medicine in my life, and I want to be able to display that for others and there's so much behind it.”

Clint embodies the lifestyle that he teaches other people how to achieve. He is clear on his foundational values and pillars of passion, which helps him know where to invest his time, his energy, and how to make decisions. 

Clint Harwick, Founder of Body of Youth with his dog on the beach in Huntington, California

This episode is PACKED with tips on how you can shift your mindset to achieve this lifestyle too. We unpack:

  • How Clint maintains a work/life balance

  • How he decides where to invest his time and energy

  • How he got clear on his values

  • The importance of seeing time as your most valuable resource

  • How to become more self-aware in order to help us live a more balanced, life and THRIVE

  • What Clint means by “applying consistent pressure” over time in order to achieve our goals

  • How we can more easily accept our failures

Clint Harwick, Founder of Body of Youth talks about living a balanced lifestyle on the Thrive On Life Podcast

“Body of Youth is spreading the awareness that we are only getting older, but yet we can still put our best self forward and try to be as youthful as possible. Everyone out there can achieve their very own body of youth through becoming their best self, following their most passionate dreams, and putting time in places that they feel like would be the most value to them. And this is what keeps us young. This is what keeps us flourishing. This is what keeps us thriving, is being able to understand those concepts and those pillars.”

Clint Harwick resides in Huntington Beach, California with his wife and adorable pup. He is an early riser and loves starting his day surfing and connecting with friends and family. After that his days revolve around meeting physical therapy patients, coaching individuals 1:1 to help them achieve a balanced lifestyle, continuing to spread the Body of Youth brand and mission, and other various projects him and his wife work on together. If you’re interested in working 1:1 with Clint and/or following his journey, please visit his website, join his email newsletter, and follow his Instagram @bodyofyouth and TikTok.

Clint Harwick, Founder of Body of Youth talks about living a balanced life on the Thrive On Life podcast

Key Lessons from This Episode

  • Think about the pain points that you've had over the course of your life and what gifts that you've either been given or you can give to the world, because that's what's going to be the enlightening moment of what you could potentially do moving forward to earn the freedom lifestyle

  • Have a strong foundation of core values and realize that your time is your most valuable resource. People think it's money. People think it's material items. But really it's just time because at the blink of an eye, something could go wrong and you could become that paraplegic or even worse, you could die.

  • Stop waiting and take action on surrounding yourselves with other people that are in the position that you want to be in already

  • If you give a hundred percent of your effort, you can never be mad at your failure because you've given it all out. You've left it all out on the table. 

  • There's two things you can control in life: the energy you bring to the world and your efforts

  • If you put pressure on something for a long sustained period of time, you will get breakthroughs.

  • Just because you’re having an off day, doesn’t mean you take off. 

  • Self-awareness comes through understanding what it truly means to make a decision for yourself

  • You will always get an answer through action. You won't always get an answer through just talking about what you want to do.


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