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This episode is special not only because we’ve hit a milestone at episode number 50, but we are also in the middle of a major moment in history. CJ brings on Faiez Rana, one of his best friends in Austin, who was the very first guest on the first ever episode of the Thrive On Life Podcast, back for the 50th episode to discuss their thoughts and feelings around the current modern-day civil rights movement.

This episode is not about business, we’ll just get that out of the way. Right now, there are way more important things to discuss, aka HUMAN LIVES and equality.

We don't have all the answers here. But Faiez fills us in on what he learned by re-reading Martin Luther King's autobiography and what parallels we can draw from the events happening now, to the civil rights movement in the 60's, and how we can act more strategically.

If you’d like to continue staying involved in conversations like these and discussing what we can do to help, we will be having a Zoom call within the online membership community on Tuesday, June 16th at 7pm CST. Just shoot us a DM on Instagram and let us know you want in, and tell your friends!


  • Faiez fills us in on what he learned by re-visiting Martin Luther King’s autobiography and reflecting on Nelson Mandela’s legacy

  • We reflect on the protests and other actions taken during the civil rights movement, and draw parallels to what’s happening now

  • We discuss how the bus boycotts in the 60’s strategically hurt the pockets of the oppressors so that they were motivated to listen and change

“You can't win the game if you don't know the rules.”

  • We discuss the purpose of the protests

  • Faiez’s perspective, as a brown person who has also experienced racism, on what white people can do if they don’t know what to do or where to start

“One of the biggest indignities of racism is that when you experience it and try to communicate it to white people, they'll oftentimes say, I don't know what you're talking about.”

  • How Faiez, as a CEO of his company Prep to Your Door, is trying to navigate how to respond in these times, and how he communicated with his employees

The main takeaway is, listen to the people in your community and their injustices. Then, focus on how in your local community, can you start making an impact by voting, or talking to your police department, or some other way.

We’re all imperfect, we’re just trying to get 1% better each time, and learn how we can show up better. Lean into that imperfection. You're going to say things and you're going to do things that you might not always be proud of, but what's more important is reflecting on the way that you showed up and trying to become better. 

About Faiez Rana and Prep To Your Door

Co-Founders of Prep To Your Door Heather and Faiez, met while studying at Harvard University.  Paired on a group project together, they instantly clicked. They studied all day, talked into the night, and white boarded countless ideas to change the world.

 Fast forward 6 months, Prep to Your Door was born. A simple elegant solution to a practical problem. Now, as partners in life and business, they've focused their energies to create a healthier food environment in their home state of Texas.

 Save people time, serve them healthy food, support local food systems, and build a business that respects the environment.

​They’re here to serve mind-blowingly delicious food that is good for you, and good for our planet. 


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