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Vasavi Kumar found herself divorced, financially dependent on her parents, and checking herself back into rehab (round two) for her cocaine and alcohol addiction at the age of 37.

She’d gone from being on TV interviews, very well known and respected in her industry, to being a nobody. She had been a “good little Indian girl" her whole life, getting the Ivy league education, getting married to a nice Indian man, growing a successful business--she was checking all the boxes.

But she was broken inside. Everything she did was to be SEEN by others, to try and make herself feel worthy, but she was totally disconnected from herself. 

Now, she is 1.5 years sober, happily single, loves herself, widely successful in her business, totally sure of herself and not afraid to say no. 

This interview is full of fiery energy as Vasavi passionately speaks from the heart her journey from zero respect for herself to standing fully in her power now, and her strong-held belief that when we know ourselves, we can be, do, and have anything.

“You have to know yourself because if you don't know yourself, somebody is going to tell you who you need to be.”

If her story resonates with you and you are looking for a business coach who can help with the marketing and strategy but also the mindset blocks and self-confidence, don’t hesitate to reach out to Vasavi on Instagram @highervasavi or visit her website


  • Vasavi’s incredible and inspiring journey from divorce and addiction to full confidence and self love

  • How Vasavi came to find her true authentic self through the process of drug and alcohol addiction recovery

  • The moment in her childhood when she formed the belief “I’m invisible, I’m not worth anything” and how she spent her life trying to impress people to feel seen and validated

“It was a performance. Life was a performance all the time. It was always like, how much bigger can I be?”

  • How she broke out of the cycle of her toxic negative thought patterns and starting thinking more positively about herself

“I had to become a nobody for me to find myself.”

  • Advice on where to start on your journey of getting to know yourself

“You’ve got to get back to that too. Like when the hell did I disconnect from myself?”

  • The biggest difference she’s seen in herself in how she used to be when she didn’t know who she was vs. now, knowing who she is

  • What she’s still struggling with today

  • How she works with her 1:1 clients to help them know themselves deeply and show up confidently in their businesses


  • There are better questions to ask than “what do you do?”..This question puts us in boxes and forces us to identify with a job, rather than embracing all our identities and passions. Instead try, “What lights you up?”

  • You know who you are deep down, don’t worry about what others think in regards to how to show up on social media right now (in regards to BLM)

  • If you love and respect yourself, then you can do anything

  • Business isn’t all logic. It’s actually more psychology, which is why at THRIVE we focus on core values and mission

  • Tip: Say your thoughts out loud, hear what you’re actually saying to yourself, so you can manage them better

  • Put a name to your inner voice to separate yourself from your thoughts

  • The thing we are seeking the most from others, we have to give it to ourselves

  • We must embrace ALL parts of ourselves, even the ones we don’t like


Vasavi Kumar is both a licensed therapist and has 10 years of experience in business and internet marketing. She loves teaching on marketing psychology as well as helping you get to the core issue that’s causing your mindset blocks.

You can learn more about Vasavi and her coaching here:



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