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How do you know if you’re on the right path?

How do you pivot to a totally new career path when your identity is so tied into your current path?

How do you make incremental progress towards your dreams when you’re stuck in perfectionism and fear of failure?

How do you blend the disciplines of science and behavioral psychology into your marketing strategy in order to truly build connections with your audience and drive results?

“You're already the version of yourself that is going to accomplish everything in the future. You just haven't done it yet.” -Joe Kerns

These are just a few of the questions answered in this value-packed episode of Thrive On Life.

At Thrive, we are not about labeling ourselves by a certain job title, and our next guests exemplify perfectly why that is. They refuse to be limited by other people’s rules and expectations.

They are Joseph Kerns and Mike Alvarez, the masterminds behind MAJiK Marketing. 

Joe holds a Master’s in Performance Psychology, where he ultimately studied what makes great people great. Following that, he got what started out as a dream job teaching psychological and emotional resilience to army soldiers, but ultimately found there was too much structure in the army and he couldn’t help people in the way he wanted, so he left to go out on his own.

“Autonomy is a sense of self directedness. You're choosing your path. Nobody else is going to tell you how to do it because the only way to give the best of yourself is to not play by anybody else's rules.” -Joe Kerns

Meanwhile, Mike was on his path as a doctor working in an ER. Being a doctor was so ingrained into his identity, but he wasn’t happy. On top of that, he looked at the people around him and saw they weren’t happy either. The problem was, he had no idea what he wanted to do otherwise. Until he met Joe...and the rest was MAJiK;)

“I'm a big believer that the weight that we lift at the gym is really just a metaphor for the resistance we encounter in life. And the more experience you have facing that resistance, the easier it is to overcome these obstacles.” -Mike Alvarez

Now, they help CEOs, coaches, and consultants to craft strategy-first email marketing campaigns that build relationships and generate income. Not only do they write compelling copy for you, but they also teach you how to do it by providing you with a framework and a system that you can learn and execute.

It was a long and bumpy ride to getting to where they are today, and they share all the failures and lessons learned in this episode.


  • Building sustainable habits to make incremental progress with the “Zero to One” philosophy

  • What is Mike’s “Prove It” methodology and how can it help you make smarter business and life decisions

  • How most businesses are getting marketing wrong

  • What is systematic desensitization and how can it help you move upwards and onwards in your business

  • How your 1 year, 3 year, 5 year plans might be holding you back from achieving your potential right now

  • How to market and sell without feeling like a sleazy salesperson

  • What decisions and mindset shifts Joe and Mike had to make to get from the jobs they weren’t happy in to building a business they love (even though it’s still fucking hard most days)

“The greatness of tomorrow is dependent on the presence of today.” -CJ


  • Don’t settle for “good enough”, or stick with a job just because you can execute the work successfully, but you’re still unhappy in it

“Anything that exists in the world is because somebody else said it was that way. And then you decided to believe it and play by their rules.” -Joe

  • Get used to and comfortable in not being good at something and not getting results for a while

“We get stuck and don’t get started because we don't want to not be good at something. We want to be good immediately. And when you don't get those results immediately, it's easy to give up or it's easy to just become kind of disimpassioned then. And your brain shuts down into this really passive state.” -Mike

  • 99% of suffering comes BEFORE we actually do “the thing”. We stop ourselves before we even get started. So when you start feeling resistance, ask yourself why, where is it coming from?

“If you want to do something, you want to do it well, but it stops you from doing it all. And if you're not doing it at all, then you're never going to get good at it.” -Joe

  • Don’t give yourself the choice to do it or not do it. Make it part of your identity. You are now the type of person that…”insert thing you want to do.”

  • Don't judge people by what they say, judge people by the questions that they ask

  • Don’t think 10 years from now, think 10 days from can control that a lot more

  • You can’t just rely on intuition and experience to make good business decisions, you have to test your hypothesis


Mel Robbins 5 second rule

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