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Henry Ford said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Oftentimes people don’t know what they need, we have to show them.

This means that you’re creating something new. And when you’re doing something that’s never been done, you’re going to be called crazy. You’re going to fail. You’re going to have to take calculated risks.

That’s what we’re here to talk about with seasoned smart risk-takers Nurse Jon Mendoza and Baldo Garza, Founders of MSW Vitamin Lounge, a vitamin bar (think delicious multivitamin drinks rather than alcoholic drinks), as well as vitamin products and health consultations. They are #keepingaustinvitamized and creating a healthcare space that feels more like home rather than a doctor’s office.

On this educational episode of Thrive On Life, we investigate:

-What it means to be a trendsetter in your industry

-The difference between PRICE and COST and how this understanding impacts your long-term business growth and personal health

-The backstory of MSW Lounge and what they’ve learned about starting small and thinking big

-What to look out for when hiring a consultant

If you’re in the Austin area and want a fun and welcoming health experience, book an appointment at their website:

A picture of Jonathan Mendoza, a nurse practitioner and founder of MSW Lounge in Austin, Texas

Nurse Jon Mendoza, President and CEO of MSW Lounge

A photo of Baldo Garza, MBA and COO of MSW Lounge

Baldo Garza, MBA, Vice President and COO of MSW Lounge


  • How COVID has impacted their business, and how they are responding

  • How they’ve continued to push the boundaries in the healthcare industry, while remaining safe and legal

  • What it means to be a trendsetter in the business world 

“If you are a trendsetter, you're going to have to be prepared to not have a lot of people understand where you're coming from. If you bring up a new idea, product, or way of thinking, you’re always considered nuts.” -Jon

  • What qualities and mindset a wanna-be entrepreneur must have to be successful

  • The big difference between PRICE and COST, and how this understanding impacts your long-term personal and business health

  • How MSW got it’s humble start in a broom closet and how they’ve strategically grown into their new space, being intentional about every business decision

  • What’s wrong with the healthcare system today and how Jon and Baldo are changing the game

“The healthcare system on this country makes you feel like there's something wrong with you” -Baldo

  • How Jon’s background in pain management fueled his passion to create innovative and effective healthcare experiences

  • What Jon did when he was caught in the middle of having a great idea and wanting to pursue something that’s never been done before, taking a risk, but also needing to provide for a wife, kid, and pay the mortgage

“I learned very early on in business, you outsource to people who are way better at doing what you need them to do than you.” -Jon

  • When to bring in a consultant and how to know you’re hiring a good one

“If I don't have a game plan to give to the consultant, I'm wasting their time and ours.” -Jon

  • How to make business decisions based on your mission and values


  • Look for a consultant who will ask you the right questions, like what is your business model

  • If you don’t know the return on investment of something, don’t invest in it

  • Don’t make huge investments until you’ve proved the business model/idea

  • Your health is your wealth, invest in it wisely and don’t just look at the price of things


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