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How many of you will choose courage over comfort?

Oftentimes, we put on a fake smile, we don’t speak up about our needs, we don’t show our vulnerability, we don’t speak out against injustice, because it’s just too uncomfortable.

Zac was putting on a facade as a super happy and positive person for a long time until the pain became so great that he was desperate to make a change. Coming from a troubling childhood and being a victim of police brutality, Zac turned to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. 

After two DWI’s, he checked himself into rehab as a Hail Mary to get his life back on track. It turned out to be the best thing he could have done for himself. He finally could share his emotions openly, learn healthy coping mechanisms, and actually have time to hear himself think and notice the self-hating thoughts that had been holding him back.

Now, Zac is killing it in Austin as a licenced realtor, personal trainer, and most recently, yoga teacher. Now, his positivity and brightness is authentic and he hopes to use yoga to help at-risk communities to heal and handle adversity in a healthy way. 

Tune in to hear Zac’s traumatic experience with police brutality, what lessons and transformations he had in rehab, Zac and CJ’s perspectives on what vulnerability looks like in relationships, and much more.

Key Points in This Episode

  • Why Zac recently walked 34 miles and raised $7k

  • Why Zac ran 33 miles last year, why he believes everyone should do a long distance run at least once in there life, what he learned and experienced 

  • Zac's battle with alcoholism and living life to impress others due to low self esteem from a troubled childhood and police brutality experience

"I felt like I was an actor in my life."

  • His transformation in rehab and how he's now living life authentically

“I hadn't read full books in such a long time, because is the narrative I was telling myself was that I wasn't worth it. I wasn't worthy of knowledge. So for the first time, you know, I had the blessing of having that time off the grid, where I could do all these little actions, reading these books, taking in this knowledge, start to slowly build my self esteem.”

  • His personal traumatic experience with police brutality and his thoughts and experiences on the current Black Lives Matter movement
  • His plans for the future in bringing yoga to underserved communities
  • What "vulnerability" means in the context of relationships for CJ and Zac

"Obscuring the truth is the same thing as not telling the truth, in my mind."

More About Zac

Zac's purpose and passion in life is assisting people in the process of leveling up. He has an extensive background in management and hospitality which he carries into each and every real estate transaction. First time home buyers are his specialty, as he patiently and expertly guides them through the home buying process. His client's needs come second to none.

He played football at UC Davis and graduated with a B.S. in psychology. When not practicing real estate, he is studying to become a community yoga teacher and plans on bringing mindfulness into underserved communities once certified. He is also passionate about wellness and is a certified personal trainer as well. Each week he co-hosts a free fitness meetup called ATX Sprint Squad with the ultimate goal of fostering community growth and wellness simultaneously. 

Zac lives in Southwest Austin with his girlfriend Becky and their puppy Kingston


The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo

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