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“The biggest piece of freedom I had was, I’m not thinking about food all the time. I got that mental space back. I can think about projects I want to work on and just feel good in my body.” -Ellie

Ellie Rome was a self-proclaimed sugar addict from early childhood up to her early college years. In college, she recalls beginning to see the negative impacts of this sugar addiction, and her drastic efforts to try and lose weight turned into an eating disorder. 

She began having more severe health problems such as shortness of breath, low energy, losing hair, digestive issues, eczema and numbness in her toes. She went to countless different doctors, all who told her they couldn’t find anything wrong, and just gave her Adderall. Until she went to a naturopath, who was the first health professional to ask her what she was eating.

She went on the Whole 30 diet and, after some struggle in the beginning, eventually made it through the 30 days feeling AMAZING. She became obsessed with nutrition and understanding her body more deeply.

For a few years she was a chemical engineer by day, nutrition enthusiast by night, studying and telling everyone she knew about the Paleo diet. Flash forward to today and she was able to quit her engineering job and go full time as an Emotional Eating coach, helping her clients overcome their sugar addictions, stop eating their feelings, and reduce inflammation through tweaking their diet.

Her story reminds us to never stop fighting for yourself, even when it seems all hope is lost. There IS a way that will work for you, to feel your best. Don’t give up! And if you’re struggling with autoimmune disease, binge eating or sugar addiction and curious to learn how to eat mindfully, be sure to follow @mindfulbellie on Instagram and look out for her 21 day reset challenge!

Key Topics in This Episode

  • How the Carnivore diet has helped Ellie with digestive issues and eczema

  • What a day in the life looks like eating on the Carnivore diet and how Ellie pushes past the cravings

  • What type of person should try the Carnivore diet

  • Ellie’s journey, starting with her sugar addiction, eating disorder, trial and error seeing various doctors and trying all sorts of methods to curb her cravings and lose weight, to mastering mindful eating and listening to her body

“I had gone from this hyperactive, ADHD kid who could not sit still to someone who didn't want to get out of bed in the morning. And that was, it was such a huge shift. I was like, what is wrong with me?”- Ellie

  • Ellie’s entrepreneurial journey, transitioning from chemical engineer to online coach

  • Money mindset for new entrepreneurs transitioning from corporate and tactfully planning the transition

“That belief system has been huge for me over the past couple of years, just believing the money's coming, just give, love and trust. And there's so many moments where I'm not feeling like that. There's so many moments where I'm like, Oh shit, where's the money coming from? But then I just have to connect back and know like trust and give and come back to, why am I here? How can I help?”- Ellie

Key Learnings in This Episode

  • Plants are in control, not humans

  • Avocados and Olives are lower toxic plants and higher in healthy fat

  • It takes money to make money

  • in the beginning of starting a business, your goal shouldn't be to make tons of money. It should be to figure out what is it that brings you that fulfillment and keeps you going. Because if you consistently find ways of bring yourself fulfillment, the money is going to come, you're going to keep serving.

“I think everyone should strive for clarity of mind. If you can have clarity in mind, you're gonna make better decisions that are going to lead to better things in your life.”- CJ

Key Message from Ellie:

“Take moments throughout your day to breathe. Find moments of presence. Finding those mini moments of presence of being able to come back to your higher self as often as possible and recognize that you've got a place within you of stillness, of calm, of security at all times. You just have to kind of pause and listen for it.”


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