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We love to check in with the Mrs. behind Thrive On Life every few months, the wonderful Erin Finley. Be a fly on the wall and listen to how power couples push each other to reach their full potential.

Erin has amazing ideas to inspire and support women, and she has already made massive moves on her vision by starting with monthly virtual meet-ups covering topics like self doubt, procrastination, habits, confidence, and identity. However, like so many of us, she’s been getting in her own way in terms of taking actions necessary to see the full vision really come to life.

CJ grills Erin (out of love, of course) in this episode to really get to the core of what’s holding Erin back. We bet most listeners out there will find themselves in Erin’s relatable struggles. The two are able to talk things through and really bring awareness to the fears holding us back, and actionionable solutions to move forward.

Erin also has an exciting new fitness and wellness platform in the works, unlike any other! Be sure to tune in to hear more, and we’d really appreciate it if you’d rate and leave a review so more people can be a part of the vision!

Key Topics in This Episode

  • What is Erin’s new platform, Girls with Goals, and who is it for?

  • Why did she start Girls with Goals?

  • Advice for someone with an idea to start their own community, but not sure where to start

  • CJ asks probing questions to uncover what Erin’s true fears are around promoting the platform

  • CJ and Erin discuss the importance of self awareness and how not everyone needs to go all in on being an entrepreneur, staying in corporate is ok!

  • What to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed by your bigger vision: SIMPLIFICATION!

  • More on the fitness and wellness platform Erin is working on

“I think especially for young girls, if you were to have a system and after school activities and different organizations that taught you how to really think that you were capable of so much and not to be so hard on yourself when maybe you were set back in something, or you looked a certain way...there's so many things that happen at that age that really does creep up later in life. And it's not until you look back and think about those things that you realize that they were ingrained in you and they maybe still pop up every now and then. So that's the reason why I want to hit that generation.” - Erin

Key Lessons in This Episode

  • Don’t try to plan your vision and all the steps so perfectly, because you won’t really know what people need and want until you just start, you will learn through messy action

  • Start with small impact first, do what you can with what you have

  • Do what works for you, but be clear in the reasons WHY you’re doing things

  • Always try to find solutions, don’t just sit in indifference

  • It’s OK to not want to go full into entrepreneurship! There’s no one size fits all

“At the end of the day, the only thing that's stopping you is your willingness to lean into, ‘I could have this, if I really want it, I just have to take these minute actions and I have to break down whatever fear that is.” -CJ

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