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Halfway through their internship, Ishani Narwankar and Jake Allen let us know what it’s been like for them at Thrive On Life for the past 5 weeks and what their future looks like post-internship with Thrive On Life. 


“What is stopping you from making a 100k doing what you love? You are.” - Ishani Narwankar 


Key Topics 

  • Who are the Thrive On Life interns?

  • What have Jake & Ishani been up to during their internship?

  • What is fueling their passion right now?

  • Find out the most exciting opportunities Ishani & Jake have had at Thrive so far. 

  • Their advice for other interns who have an idea of something they’d like to start. 

  • Why Jake dropped out of college & the two vivid memories that informed Jake that college was NOT for him. 

  • Ishani & Jake’s personal brands and why they created them

  • Why CJ created an intern-led internship based on their drives, not CJ’s preconceptions

  • How productivity & fulfillment are sides of the same coin

  • Why Ishani will continue her monthly masterminds and shoots to have her own intern next year.

  • How Jake will be excitedly diving into uncertainty after the internship. 


“Growth can only be found through the discomfort.” Jake Allen


Key Lessons

  • College may not be in everyone’s best interest, especially if the programs teaching decade+ old materials that are no longer actively in use. 

  • Create more acceptance for multi-passionate contributors to society

  • Surround yourself with people who love the process 

  • Focus on “who am I” vs “what am I”

  • Busy-ness doesn’t necessarily take care of business.

  • Time-blocking is important for productivity but most people don’t know any better due to how the US education system breeds us to spend our time. 

  • “Time-spent” does not equate to productivity 

  • Productivity & fulfillment are two sides of the same coin

  • Keep your lightbulb lit and use it to spark others 


“Busy-ness doesn’t necessarily take care of business.” - Jake Allen 


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