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From selling refurbished cars to starting his own electric mowing company, David Callejas is truly an entrepreneur at heart.

In this episode, he breaks down for us the many ways he has had to pivot his life to do what he loves. He takes us through his college life, working at a bank, his involvement with a local nonprofit, and the rest of the journey that led up to him becoming CEO of FloatOn Boat Rentals.  


Key Topics 

- David’s experience in college and involvement in entrepreneurship programs

- How he ended up working at Wells Fargo

- What made him realize it was time for a change?

- David’s involvement with a nonprofit organization, EarthSky, and how he helped grow & scale them 

- How he started selling refurbished cars 

- Lessons learned about partnerships 

- How he pivoted after cars to dabbling in building websites, starting an electric mowing business, and the lessons learned from both

- David’s background with boats, how he got a job driving boats, the struggles he faced in that job, and how it inspired him to start his own company

- What inspired the name “FloatOn”? 

- How he built FloatOn through SEO and Google search ads

- Why he shifted the marketing focus to branding & influencers and how that inspired another shift of focus to employees and creating a culture 

- The effects of COVID-19 and how FloatOn has navigated the pandemic

- The experience of working with companies such as Clif Bar, Rise, Bumble, and P-Terrys

- What the future looks like for both David and FloatOn



- Recognize when something isn’t working and be willing to seek what does

- Tap into your skills and recognize where you can use them to help

- The consequences of partnerships without boundaries

- How failure can be a great teacher in future ventures

- Recognizing a problem and finding a better way of doing things

- Humbling yourself and trusting others expertise

- The importance of using SEO and blogging to grow your business

- The value found in creating a culture and focusing on employees


“There’s a better way to do this.” - David Callejas


Tune in to hear how David was able to recognize a problem in the boat rental industry and used his skills to pivot and start a successful company of his own. 



Resources Mentioned 

Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose


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“I wish somebody would have told me back then, ‘Do what you love’.” - David Callejas, FloatOn CEO