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“You have to own your sh*t in order to fall in love with your soul. You have to explore all parts of it; make the unconscious, conscious.” - Danielle Gertner

Nothing says “owning your shit” quite like moving across the country in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Ownership coach Danielle Gertner takes us on a journey through her personal experiences of turning down a secure future at Amazon to create the life she desires, and the lessons learned along the way. She touches on starting a boot camp at the University of Florida, her internship at an Amazon fulfillment center, moving to Austin, Texas during COVID-19, and the ways that she is consistently owning her shit in her own life. 


-How to find gratitude even in trying times
-Listen to your gut over fear
-Recognizing that you only live once and to make the most of that
-Be attentive to where you feel “out of place” and be able to pivot 
-Embracing uncertainty in making decisions 
-“Fail fast, fail forward.” 
-How to break through the fear of sacrificing financial security 
-Recognizing your value and getting over the fear of “no” 
-The importance of tapping into your inner child 
-Finding a balance between ego and authenticity
-Shedding layers of past conditioning 
-The importance of vulnerability
-Look at your own needs, then create a solution and share it with others

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“If fear was not present in your life, what would you do and who would you be?” - Danielle Gertner