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“Don’t feel held back by the things that you don’t have...just go out there and CREATE.”- Jasmine Quinones

Who doesn’t dream of making a living doing what they love?

That’s exactly what we strive to help others do at ThriveOn Life and what this week’s guest, Jasmine Quinones, wakes up and does every day.

Tune in as she takes us on a journey through her life and learn how you can work with what’s around you to FUEL YOUR PASSION. 



- How to be adaptable when life is constantly changing

- How to fight against pressure from others and choose your own route

- How to work with what you’ve got to get what you don’t

- How to manage unrealistic expectations and not be so hard on yourself

- How to focus on enjoying the process instead of obsessing over perfectionism 


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Sam Kolder on YouTube


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“When you start’re totally terrible at it. I think seeing myself figure things out and get better only fueled me more to keep going.” -Jasmine Quinones