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“The power behind entrepreneurship is that you can turn ideas into action very, very quickly” -Michael Zipursky

Do you ever feel stuck or like you don’t know how to take action? This week’s guest, Michael Zipursky, is the founder of and is ALL ABOUT taking action. He walks us through growing up feeling like an outsider, turning ideas into actions, overcoming fear, and so much more. Tune in and learn how you can take action to gain momentum in your life. 



- How to manage feeling like an outsider

- How to turn ideas into actions

- How to handle setbacks and fight against fear

- Understanding the importance of creating and building relationships 

- How to be clear on who your ideal client is

- How to address your problems

- The importance of focusing on value over volume

- How to identify demand in the market

- How to overcome perfectionism to take action



Act Now” by Michael Zipursky

“Momentum” Consulting Course

Consulting Success Podcast


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“One of the biggest factors of success is not just the ideas that you have, but how you handle the setbacks.” -Micheal Zipursky