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Everyone loves freedom. How many people actually seek it though? This week’s guest, Mary Joy Garcia is a prime example of a freedom seeker. From paving her own path by choosing not to go to college, to now owning her own hair salon, she is all about seeking to live the life SHE wants to live. In this episode, we touch on paving your own path, trusting your intuition, stepping into responsibility, and the importance of creating good vibes so that you can attract a good tribe. See below for more of the key lessons covered in this episode. 


- How to pave your own path

- Knowing your boundaries

- The importance of trusting your gut and intuition

- Managing the fear of stepping into responsibility 

- The value in being genuine and vulnerable

- The importance of a community that has your back

- How to create a laid back vibe, particularly as a salon owner

- Selling through word of mouth

- Your vibe attracts your tribe


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“You need responsibility in order to obtain freedom.” -Mary Joy Garcia